Education      EdD Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, May 2008
                            East Tennessee State University, Johnson City TN
                            Dissertation: Academic Libraries as Models of Feminine/Feminist Organization        

M.L.S. August 1990
        Kent State University, Kent OH

B.A. Summa cum Laude, English and Secondary Education, May 1986
        Capital University, Columbus OH


Professional Library Experience

June 2000 to present: Extended Campus Services Librarian East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN

2004 Promoted to Associate Professor
2002 Tenured
2001 Promoted to Assistant Professor

August 1990 to May 2000: Librarian for Reference and Bibliographic Instruction  Muskingum College Library, New Concord, OH

Paraprofessional Library Experience

August 1986- December 1989 Technical Services Assistant Wittenberg University , Thomas Library, Springfield, OH

Teaching Experience

                Online Information Resources (Summer 2002-Summer 2006): Graduate course in Educational Technology offering an examination, analysis, and comparison of various online databases and Internet search engines.  Administrative and other related issues are addressed. Have taught 5 iterations of this course.

                Organizing and Managing Content on the Internet (Spring 2003): Graduate course in Educational Technology surveys both theoretical and practical applications of web-based learning, including web page design and content management.

                Developing Information Research Skills (Spring 2002): Undergraduate elective library skills course.  Team-taught.

                Library Research Methods (1990-2000): Undergraduate elective library skills course.

                Muskingum Experience/First Year Seminar (1991-1999): Required introduction to college course for all first year students.

Publications and Presentations


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Reviewer for ARBA:

Contributor to American Reference Books Annual.  Englewood, CO:  Libraries Unlimited, 1995,1997.

Conference presentations

"Emotions, People & Partnerships:  Using Emotional Intelligence Skills at Work" presented by invitation Tennessee Library Association Staff Development Workshop. October 12, 2010.

"The Wonder Woman Syndrome" (With Kathy Campbell) presented by invitation at the Tennessee Public Library Management Institute.. May 28, 2010.

"The Wonder Woman Syndrome" (With Kathy Campbell) presented by invitation at the Association of Rural and Small Libraries national convention, September 2009.

"Creativity in Libraries (With Kathy Campbell) TLA Annual Conference, April 10, 2009. Nashville, TN

"Libraries as Feminine/Feminist Organizations." Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference. May 2009.

"Encouraging a Positive Organizational Culture in your Library." TLA Annual Conference, April 11, 2008. Nashville, TN.

"The Wonder Woman Syndrome: Burnout in Libraries." (With Kathy Campbell) TLA Annual Conference, April 10, 2008. Kingsport, TN.

“TEL Update and Training Tips” TLA Annual Conference, Pre-Conference. April 6, 2005, Nashville Public Library.

“Creating a Tutorial CD for Distance Students.” Off-Campus Library Services Conference, May 2004, Scottsdale, AZ.

“Guidelines for Distance Library Services.” Tennessee Library Association Annual Conference, March 2004, Knoxville, TN.

“The PAB Tells All.” Panel Member. Tennessee Library Association Annual Conference, March 2004, Knoxville, TN.

“TEL Boosters.” Panel Moderator. Tennessee Library Association Annual Conference, March 2004, Knoxville, TN.

“The Alternative Press: Past, Present, and Future.”  Panel Moderator.  American Library Association, June 2003, Toronto, Canada.

Teaching in Your Pajamas” TACHE Regional Workshop, Walters State Community College, April 23, 2003.

"Help!  I'm the New Distance Ed Librarian--Where do I Begin?" Off-Campus Library Services Conference, April 2002, Cincinnati, OH.  Published in Conference Proceedings.

“Help! I’m the New Distance Librarian.” Poster session for the American Library Association Annual Meeting, June 2002, Atlanta, GA.


“Developing an Online Information Resource Skills Course” presented with Jerry Shuttle at TLA Annual Conference, March 2000.


“Library Instruction for an Online Course,” presented at the CULS conference, Fall 2001, Dickson, TN.


"The UCAIR 2000 Project at Muskingum College," presented with William J. Wallace at 32nd American Chemical Society Central Regional Meeting, Cincinnati OH (May 16-19, 2000).


“Using Web-Based Assignments to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills” Presented at the 1999 American Library Association Annual Conference, New Orleans.

"Writing Across the Curriculum: The Library Connection" Panel member.  Academic Library Association of Ohio

              Bibliographic Instruction Group conference.  June 11, 1993

"The Librarian as Classroom Resource" paper given at the Lilly Conference on College Teaching, Miami University, November 15-17, 1991.


In Progress

Additional writings on The Feminist Library


Other Professional Activities

Work in national professional societies:

Distance Learning Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries 

     Guidelines Committee 2001-2006

     Author of official committee brochure: Getting Started: A Guide for New Distance Learning Librarians (2003)

Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT)

     Action Council representative from AIP 2001-2003

     Councilor-at-large (elected position) 2003-2006

     Secretary 2004-2006

Alternatives in Print Task Force (AIP) of SRRT

     Coordinator 2001-2003,  Coordinator Elect, 2000-2001. 

      Jackie Eubanks Memorial Award Committee, 2000-2004

Work in regional professional societies:

Editor and Web manager of Tennessee Libraries

       TLA Publications Committee Member.

TENN-SHARE Training Committee Chair, 2002-2003

TEL Training Committee Chair, 2003-2004

Trainer for TEL, 2000-present

Campus Service Activities:

RODP Advisory Committee, 2004-2006

Diversity Education Team, 2003-

            Web designer & manager:                                                                                

Diversity Educator 2003-

University Writing Committee, 2000-2004

Faculty Technology Leadership Group 2002-2003; Instructional Team, 2005-2006

Professional consultation:

Consultation at University of the South in Sewanee, TN, included evaluation and recommendations for user services at duPont Library.  Designed, implemented, and conducted three user surveys and reported on suggested actions.  Also conducted staff workshops on the reference interview and faculty workshops on designing assignments using the Web to teach critical thinking. The latter was first conducted as a part of an Information Technology workshop day; it was so well received that I was asked to repeat it as a faculty development workshop.

Board Member.  Alternative Press Center.  Baltimore, MD. 1996-2004

Other service activities:

Book talks, both through the State Library of Ohio and individual public libraries. Listed below are the titles or topics discussed, the host library, and the date of the event.

Laura Ingalls Wilder (State Library program) Zanesville (OH) Public Library (Aug 1998)

Frank Lloyd Wright biography by Meryl Secrest.  Sandusky (OH) Public Library (Nov 1996)

Diaries and Laura Ingalls Wilder (State Library program) New Lexington (OH) Public Library (Oct 1996)

Sense & Sensibility Sandusky (OH) Public Library (Oct 1996)

84 Charing Cross Road and Duchess of Bloomsbury St. Sandusky (OH) Public Library (April 1996)

The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Sandusky (OH) Public Library (Feb 1996)

Einstein's Dreams Sandusky (OH) Public Library (Dec. 1995)

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe Sandusky (OH) Public Library (July 1995)  



American Library Association

Association of College and Research Libraries

Tennessee Library Association

Beta Phi Mu Library Honorary

Phi Kappa Phi