Spring 2014

Welcome to the East Tennessee State Astronomy II web site for Spring 2014!

Labs are finished for the semester.

Answers to Quiz #6 now available.

The final exam will be Tuesday May 6 at 10:30 AM in the usual classroom. Some additional Practice Problems and an Study Guide are available for the final. Don't forget to go back and study the previous study guides and past quizzes and practice quizzes.

For students who have taken all six quizzes, pre-final grades have been posted on d2l ( These are the grades you will get in the course if you don't take the final exam. Remember at the end of the semester the lowest of either the sum of your two lowest quiz scores OR the final exam grade will be dropped. If you don't have an A for your pre-final grade, it is worth taking the final, since it is possible it may improve your grade. Students who have missed a quiz do not have pre-final grades posted, since they need to take the final to replace that missed quiz score.

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