Review for Chapters 5, 6, & 7

The stages of learning
sequence of steps in the information-processing model of motor acquisition and performance
cognitive stage
autonomous stage
associative stage
Learning is focused on
internal motivation
Reinforcement is
Positive transfer
Motor learning concepts include
Newton's Laws
anthropometric factors
kinetic energy and potential energy
Which fitness component is NOT considered to be health-related?
hypokinetic diseases
exercise biochemistry
cardiovascular function
threshold of training
target zone
Karvonen Equation
To increase strength
Ballistic stretching
static stretching
Contract-relax technique
Carbohydrate loading
negative energy balanc
Body Mass Index
A muscle contracts isometrically
During which stage of learning does the learner typically concentrate on the temporal aspects of the movement?
Which of the following might be studied by biomechanists? 
"Acceleration" is a term for time rate of change in which of the following quantities? 
Measuring the electrical discharge from the muscle
Individuals who are inactive compared to those who are active in terms of  risk of coronary heart disease
cardiac rehabilitation
All of the following are benefits of a more efficient level of cardiovascular function EXCEPT
To increase strength, it is recommended that you use a 
isometric contraction
Dr. George Fitz
Body force is produced by
Static equilibrium
To create an effective learning environment, which of the following should be included?
Reinforcement is more effective if