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Grades are reported to the Registrar's office as letter grades such that a C would transfer to another college as a C, even if that college's letter-grade calculation differed.

Your final course grade will be rounded off to the nearest whole per cent prior to determination of your final letter grade.  For example, 87.30% rounds to 87% and would be a B.  On the other hand, 87.55% rounds to 88% and would be a B+.  This instructor consistently rounds up all final course grades ending with 0.50 or higher.  Thus, a grade of 72.50% is technically required in order to make a final letter grade of C.  A grade of 72.49% is a C- (C minus).

In all cases, class participants receiving first and second class honors (ie. first and second place) in this class automatically receive an A.  Therefore, a minimum of 2 class participants always receive an A in this class, although the number receiving an A is generally higher than this.

You can view all assignment grades by clicking on "Grades."  Within approximately 48 hours after each assignment deadline, you will be able to view a quiz key which will show you which questions were answered incorrectly, only.  You can see this quiz by clicking on past quizzes in the Assignments area.

A 92.50 - 100%
A- 89.50 - 92.49%
B+ 87.50 - 89.49%
B 82.50 - 87.49%
B- 79.50 - 82.49%
C+ 77.50 - 79.49%
C 72.50 - 77.49%
C- 69.50 - 72.49%
D+ 67.50 - 69.49%
D 59.50 - 67.49%
F 0.00 - 59.49%
FN failure for non-attendance
W withdrawn
WF withdrawn while failing
I incomplete

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Revised: May 11, 2008