Ethics and Psychiatry:
Toward Professional Definition

Allen R. Dyer, M.D., Ph.D.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: A Divided Profession

1. The Place of Ethics in the Definition of a Profession

2. The Hippocratic Tradition in Medicine and Psychiatry

3. The Tasks and Methods of Ethics

4. Confidentiality, Trust, and the Therapeutic Alliance

5. A Critique of Szasz's Critique: The Mind-Body Problem Won't Go Away

6. Informed Consent, Autonomy, and Paternalism: Respecting the Patient in Research and Practice

7. The Place of Virtue and Character in Ethics: Psychiatry's Contribution to Ethics

8. Idealism in Medical Ethics: The Pursuit of Moral Perfection

9. The Impeachment of Altruism

10. The Meaning of Medical Responsibility




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Dyer, Allen R.
Ethics and psychiatry: Toward Professional Definition
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