ETSU's Kappa Mu Epsilon Chapter
TN BETA Chapter, South Eastern Section
Founded May 22, 1959

Quoting from the Kappa Mu Epsilon national chapter website: "The primary purposes of being a member of Kappa Mu Epsilon include the following :

  1. to further the interests of mathematics in those schools which place their primary emphasis on undergraduate programs;
  2. to help undergraduate students realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of civilization;
  3. to develop an appreciation of the power and beauty possessed by mathematics, due, mainly, to its demand for logical and rigorous modes of thought;
  4. to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the study of mathematics at the undergraduate level;
  5. to disseminate the knowledge of mathematics and familiarize its members with the current progress in this important area of human interest."
The faculty co-advisors for the ETSU Chapter of the math honor society Kappa Mu Epsilon are Dr. Robert Beeler and Dr. Bob Gardner. For academic 2016-2017, the Tennessee Beta KME officers are: New TN Beta Chapter initiates for 2016 are Devanshu Agrawal, Tiffany Blevins, Kendra Disney, Kaeli Gardner, Sydney Gardner, Jessica Lang, Miranda Lawhorn, Macon Magno, Ashton Morelock, Kyle Murphy, Natalie Murray, Logan Norton. This brings the cummulative number of Tennessee Beta members to 853.

Requirements for ETSU students to become members of the TN Beta Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon include:

New members are inaugurated at the Mathematics Honors Banquet which is held in April. Upon graduation, KME members are allowed to add a pink and silver honor cord to their graduation regalia. Cords can be ordered individually from (but check with the faculty advisor to see if a bulk order may be placed).

The Pentagon, the official journal of KME, is no longer published in a paper version. New issues are now, however, available in PDF form online at: This website also includes ALL back issues of the journal. Here is the announcement of the creation of the Tennessee Beta Chapter in The Pentagon, Volume XIX, Number 1 (Fall 1959, page 56):

Here are summaries of our recent activities:

Here are some links to the national organization:

Last updated: October 22, 2016.