Concepts & Terms for  CH's  3 & 4

CH 3
2 dimensional vector components  (eqn's  3.2, 3.3, 3.40
Addition/subtraction of vectors (which type can be added to which type, etc.)
Acceleration as "change" in velocity meaning change in either magnitude, direction, or both
Everything about "projectile" motion
Independence of horizontal and vertical motion during "projectile" motion
Relative velocity as a "vector addition" problem
Note again the same equations of motion as for CH 2

CH 4
Definition of Force
Newton's 3 laws of motion (know explanation and application of each)
Inertia versus mass
Weight versus mass
Balanced versus unbalanced forces (equilibrium)
General Types of forces
Normal force
Fricitional forces (how to include in problem)
Be able to explain how Newton's 3 laws of motion apply in a force example
(remember all 3 laws are always present)