Below are links to various applets, animations, and interactive type sites to help
with various concepts in the Physics Course.

The above site is the Serway book companion site,  this has nice interactive tutorials, although not as user friendly as other sites.
There are also some tutorials and  quizzes and web solutions to some of the textbook end of chapter exercises.
An excellent site!  Some really good interactive applets here for all of physics.   Many of these provide good visualization for how changing
a quantity affects some process or interaction.  I've found most all of them are quite useful.

This has been a very good applet site.  It has some new ones and a new drop down menu.  It may be a little harder to navigate that some other

sites, but the applets are usually very good and worth trying.
This is a very complete site for both Physics 1 and Physics 2 material.   Scroll down the page to find the Physics 2 listings. 
It has both simple and complex applets for most areas and is based on Davidson University work in the Physics Applets courses.

This site has Flash animations, very good graphics.  Not as interactive as some others, but has a good extensive list of topics :
classical mechanics, vectors, waves, elec & mag.

Home page for Physics Applets course/text.  Not as exhaustive as some of the sites above, but what it has is very good.

Applets are found by looking at the chapter material description on the left side menu.
These applets aren't as sophisticated as some others, but this site has a nice simple approach and wide variety of examples for all of physics.

Includes a handy window calculator to use while predicting the answers for the examples.

The above site has links to numerous good animations, and several other applet sites.  Some require a  VRML browser.  
You  may already  have a plug  in for that on your computer, but  if not, there are instructions on how to get one if you want to try this site.

This is a physics java applet site hosted by the University of Oregon.   Good site but sometimes slow to load.

 The above applet allows the user to set up a distribution of charges, upon which the applet will show the electric potential, electric field lines,
and equipotential lines. In addition, the electric force will be observed through real time interaction of charges.

A FUN site showing the scale of the universe, powers of ten illustration!