Concepts & Terms for  CH's  13, 14, 21

Hooke's Law and restoring forces
Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)  or Simple Harmonic Oscillator
Elastic (spring) potential energy
Constants of the motion (m,k) vs quantities that vary sinusoidally (x, F, v, a)
how are the period, frequency, and angular frequency of SHM related
transverse vs longitudinal waves
definition and properties of a wave
how are wavelength and frequency related?
how is the speed of a wave related to frequency and wavelength and the properties of the medium in which it travels?
reflection, interference, and resonance (standing waves)
constructive vs destructive interference
how does a sound wave propagate in air?
Intensity (W/m2 ) vs Intensity level (dB) for sound
doppler effect and redshifts vs blueshifts
compare and contrast standing waves for strings and pipes (air columns)
how to produce an EM wave
properties of the EM spectrum (and the EM wave types:  radio, visible, etc.)