PHYS 2020-Exam 4 Concepts

Law of Reflection

Normal to surface

Snell’s Law of Refraction

Principle of reversibility for light rays

Index of refraction

Constancy of frequency for a wave vs speed change in a new medium


Total internal reflection (fiber optics as example)

Know the conditions for the 7 image formation situations for mirrors and lenses

1)      Flat mirror

2)      Concave mirror with real image

3)      Concave mirror with virtual image

4)      Convex mirror with virtual image

5)      Convex lens with real image

6)      Convex lens with virtual image

7)      Concave lens with virtual image

Sign conventions for p,q,f  for mirrors and lenses

Simple definition of an “aberration” for mirror or lens


Conditions for interference of waves,  destructive vs constructive

Single slit diffraction

Double slit diffraction

Diffraction grating

order” number for maxima

In all diffraction cases recognize the dependence on wavelength and size of the obstacle or slit