Thomas Alan Holmes

Some Poems

I have been fortunate to place poems in various journals, and some of them can be found online. Here are hyperlinks to just a few:

“Old 31” and “Lost Pasture” have appeared in Still: The Journal.

“Belvedere” can be found at the online journal Town Creek Poetry, edited by Will Wright. This poem is about a former colleague, Ron Giles.

“Dish” has appeared in The Valparaiso Poetry Review.

“Baloney” showed up on the writers’ blog Fried Chicken and Coffee.

Walking the line
Huck Finn says that if he’d known what trouble it was to make a book, he would not have started it. My friend Judy Slagle says that it’s harder to edit a book than to write one. The best thing I did when working on this book was collaborate with Roxanne Harde, because co-editing a book goes so much easier working with someone who shares the same enthusiasm but has complementary talents. I’m proud of Walking the Line, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to make a new friend and colleague in completing this project.