Astronomy I - The Planets (ASTR 1010)

Lecture Notes

Below are ppt files for lectures that will be presented in class. Some transparencies, boardwork, dvd clips will also be used, so the ppts are not complete representations of the lectures given in class. Some of the ppts are also densely packed with images. I have provided them mainly so that graphical material appearing in lectures is available for viewing.

Lecture - tour of the universe with images

Lecture - astro maths

Lecture - the sky and astronomy of the ancients

Lecture - astronomy in the Renaissance

Lecture - radiation and light

Lecture - overview of the Solar System

Lecture - the Sun

Lecture - planet Earth

Lecture - the Moon

Lecture - travel within the Solar System

Lecture - Mercury

Lecture - Venus

Lecture - Mars

Lecture - Jupiter

Lecture - Saturn

Lecture - Uranus and Neptune

Lecture - Pluto and the Dwarf Planets

Lecture - moons of the solar system

Lecture - comets

Lecture - meteors

Lecture - asteroids

Lecture - extra-solar planets and life in the universe