Simulated Population Growth

Red "prey" are growing in the box below.  When they die, they turn grey for 1 iteration.   

 Select options (defaults are in parentheses).  Click "Run Once" to iterate one time, or click "Run Iterations" to execute the simulation for "Iterations" number of times (with "wait" number of milliseconds in between). Click "Reset"  to start over. Click "Plot" in order to see a plot of the data. Check the function option and enter a function as a variable of t to add a curve.

initial number           Iterations INTRINSIC RATE:     
intrinsic birth rate (% per hour) GENERATION PERIOD:     
intrinsic death rate (% per hour) PROB OF BIRTH PER PERIOD:     
Generations per "hour"   PROB OF DEATH PER PERIOD:    

Below are the "Counts" for "hours"  0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etcetera

  y(t) =