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Whole Plants and the Origin of Angiosperms

A. Hope Jahren - Reprints

Acta Palaeobotanica

Alberta Palaeontological Society homepage

American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists Homepage

Angiosperm ancestors

Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics

AxelHeiberg Eocene Fossil Forest Project

Canadian Association of Palynologists

CAP Canadian Association of Palynologists

Center for Excellence in Palynology

CHIN - Natural Sciences - Palynology

Cretaceous Fossils  Home Page

Data-Handling Methods -Database etc. (for microfossils)

Dr. Anita-Roth-Nebelsick

Earliest Evidence of Flowering Plants-Slides

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (National Park Service)

Geological Time Scales

Geology Department, Royal Holloway, University of London

GeoRef Preview Database

Home Paleont. Zh.

International Organisation of Palaeobotany


IOP Newsletters

Journey into the World of Cladistics

K-T boundary Dinosaur Extinctions No Asteroid or Comet Impact Here

Li Hong Qi

Links for Palaeobotanists 1

Manual of Sampling Pollen-Phytolith

Martinetto Paleobot Page

Neogene Climate (neclime)

North American Pollen Database - Index

North American Tertiary Localities

Online Map Creation

Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps

Palaeobiology research group at Bristol Uni.

Palaeoflora of V Mosburger

Palaeontologia Electronica

PaleoBase Home Page

Paleobiology Database Project

Paleobotanical Section - BSA

Paleobotany at University of Michigan

Paleobotany Database in Kracow

Paleobotany links

Paleobotany Literature Database (Good)

Paleobotany Search at Smithsonian

Paleontological Journals Online

Paleontology and Fossils Resources

Paleontology in the News


Plant Fossils and Evolution (K.Pigg)

Scotese PaleoMap

SE Asia Research Group

Spectrum of Life

Terrestrial palynomorphs

The Geological Society of America

The Green River Formation Revisited Crucible for New Concepts and Advances in Paleoclimatology, Tectonics, Chronostratigraphy,

The Palaeontological Association

Websurfers Biweekly Earth Science Review -Paleobotany

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