Scientific Name 2nd Pic Common Name Family (Scientific) Date Location Key Feature
Acer saccharum Marsh Sugar Maple Aceraceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Smooth margins between lobes.
Acer saccharinum L. Silver Maple Aceraceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Leaves deeply lobed with whitish backs.
Acer platanoides L. Norway Maple Aceraceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Milky white sap. Wide angle of wings on fruit.
Acer negundo L. Boxelder Aceraceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Opposite pinnately compound with 3-5 leaflets.
Acer rubrum L.  Red Maple Aceraceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Rough margins between lobes.
Asimina triloba L. Tall Pawpaw Annonaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown wetlands
Osmorhiza claytoni Michx. close up Sweet Cicely Apiaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Small umbels of white flowers. Has licorice smell when crushed.
Osmorhiza longistylis Torrey Licorice Root Apiaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Styles longer than petals.  Stem nearly smooth. Small umbel of white flowers
Sanicula gregaria Bicknell. Clustered Snake Root Apiaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain
Sium suave Walt. Water-Parsnip Apiaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown wetlands
Zizea aurea (L.) Koch Golden Alexander Apiaceae 5/26/2005 Laurel Falls
Arisaema triphyllum (L.) Schott. Jack in the Pulpit Araceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain
Asarum shuttleworthii Britten and Baker Shuttleworth's Ginger/Large-Flowered Heartleaf Aristolochiaceae 5/23/2005 Rock Creek Park
Senecio aureus L. Golden ragwort Asteraceae 5/23/2005 Unaka Mountain Yellow
Impatiens capensis Meerb. Jewelweed/Spotted Touch Me Not Balsaminaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Fleshy translucent stem. Scalloped leaves glaucous below.
Podophyllum peltatum L. Flower May-Apple Berberidaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Opposite leaves with flower and fruit at petiole junction.
Cynoglossum virginianum L. Flower Wild Comfrey Boraginaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Rough hairy stems. Pale blue flowers in racemes.
Myosotis macrosperma Engelm. Forget me not Boraginaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown Wetlands
Lonicera japonica Thunb. Japanese Honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Vine.  Simple opposite leaves.
Barbarea vulgaris R. Br. Common Winter Cress Capparidaceae 5/23/2005 Unaka Mountain
Stellaria pubera Michx. Great Chickweed Caryophyllaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Regular white flowers about one half inch wide.
Arenaria serpyllifolia L. Thymeleaf Sandwort Caryophyllaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Flat-topped white flower cluster. Petals shorter than sepals.
Cerastium nutans Raf. Nodding Chickweed Caryophyllaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Stem weak, diffusely branched. Petals longer than calyx. Flowers nodding on stalks.
Silene virginiana L. Fire Pink Caryophyllaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Flowers deep crimson. Petals two cleft. Leaves thin.
Euonymus americanus L. Strawberrybush Celastraceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Opposite leaves.  Green flowers.
Clethra acuminata Michx. Mountain Pepperbush Clethraceae 5/26/2005 Laurel Falls
Erigeron philadelphicus L. Philadelphia Fleabane Compositae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Flowers with flat yellow center. Fringe like rays.
Erigeron strigosus Muhl. Daisy Fleabane Compositae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown Wetlands
Erigeron annus (L). Pers. White Top Compositae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown Wetlands
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum L. Ox-Eye Daisy Compositae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown Wetlands
Cornus florida L. Flowering Dogwood Cornaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Leaves opposite and pointed. Small tree.
Cornus alternifolia L.f. Alternate-leaved Dogwood Cornaceae 5/23/2005 Rock Creek Park Leaves alternate or clustered at the end of branches.  Branches greenish.
Cardamine pensylvanica Muhl. Pennsylvania Bittercress Cruciferae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Highly branched.  7-11 leaflets.  Flowers white.
Arabis laevigata Muhl. Smooth Rockcress Cruciferae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Basal leaves toothed. Flower greenish-white. Stem leaves usually clasping.
Carex fraseri Andrews. Fraser's Sedge Cyperaceae 5/26/2005 Laurel Falls
Equisetum hyemale L. Close up Scouring Rush Equisetaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Variable species. Stems simple and jointed. Can be pulled apart and rejoined.
Kalmia latifolia L.  Mountain Laurel Ericaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Globular fruit. Oval leaves. Pink-white flower.
Vaccinium stamineum L. close up Deerberry Ericaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Hanging whitish bell shaped flowers.
Rhododendron maximum L. Greater Rhododendron Ericaceae 5/23/2005 Rock Creek Park
Rhododendron minus Michx. ? Ericaceae 5/26/2005 Laurel Falls
Cladrastis lutea Michaux f. Yellowwood Fabaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Pinnately compound alternate leaves. Grape-like clusters of white blooms.
Cercis canadensis L. Redbud  Fabaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Cordate alternate leaves. Red-purple flowers and bean like fruit.
Robinia pseudo-acacia L. Bark Black Locust Fabaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Deeply furrowed bark. Alternate pinnately compound leaves.
Trifolium pratense L. Red Clover Fabaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park
Trifolium repens L. White Clover Fabaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park
Apios americana Medic. Groundnut Fabaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown wetlands
Quercus velutina Lam. Black Oak Fagaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Leaves fuzzy.  Shallow lobes.  Pointed tips.
Quercus stellata Wang. Post Oak Fagaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Monoecious. Staminate and pistallate flowers are on the same tree in separate catkins.
Quercus alba L. White Oak Fagaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park
Quercus muehlenbergii Engelm. Chinquapin Oak Fagaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Leaves large, alternate, margins wavy.
Quercus mischauxii Nutt. Basket Oak Fagaceae 5/20/5005 Winged Deer Park Leaves alternate, simple, obovate, 4-8" long, 3-5" wide, margin with large round blunt teeth, dark green and shiny above, pale and downy below
Quercus falcata Michx. Southern Red Oak/Spanish Oak Fagaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park
Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. Beech Fagaceae 5/26/2005 Laurel Falls
Corydalis sempervirens L. Pink Corydalis Fumariaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Flowers pink with yellow tip found in racemes.  Leaves pinnately decompound.
Dicentra eximia Ker Wild Bleeding-Heart Fumariaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Leaves basal. Flowers nodding, broad at the base, heart shaped at the top.
Geranium maculatum L. Wild Geranium  Geraniaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Purple-pink regular flower.leaves 3-5 deep lobes.
Dactyls glomerata L. Orchard Grass Gramineae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown wetlands
Liquidambar styraciflua L. Sweetgum  Hamamelidaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Spiny gumball sized fruit. Star shaped altermate leaves.
Hamamelis virginiana L. Witch-Hazel Hamamelidaceae 5/26/2005 Laurel Falls
Aesculus parviflora Walter Bottlebrush Buckeye Hippocastanaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Opposite palmately compound leaves. 5-6 leaflets.
Aesculus pavia L. Red Buckeye Hippocastanaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Red flowers. Alternate compound leabes with 5-7 leaflets.
Phacelia bipinnatifida Michx. Fern-Leaf Phacelia Hydrophyllaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Highly branched. Leaves with long petiole, pinnately 3-5 divided. Corolla bright blue.
Iris cristata Ait. Crested Iris Iridaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Leaves lanceolate. Blue flowers. Sepals crested.
Iris pseudacoris L. Yellow Iris Iridaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown wetlands
Salvia lyrata L. Lyre-leaved Sage Labiatae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Basal leaves lyre shaped. Corolla blue-purple.
Glechoma hederacea L. Ground Ivy Labiatae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown wetlands
Lindera Benzoin L.  Spice Bush Lauraceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Leaves aromatic. Yellow flowers with 6 parted calyx and no petals.
Sassafras albidum (Nuttall) Nees Sassafras Lauraceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park 3 differrent leaves
Polygonatum biflorum Walt. Solomon's Seal Liliaeae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Arching stem with rows of hanging greenish bells.
Smilacina racemosa (L.) Desf. Flase Solomon's Seal Liliaeae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Flowers in a branched pyramidal cluster at tip of plant.
Smilax rotundifolia L. Common Greenbrier Liliaeae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Leaves thick and shiny. Stems usually have prickles.
Trillium erectum L. Ill-Scented Trillium Liliaeae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Three leaves in a whorl. Flowers come out of center of whorl and have three sepals and three petals.
Magnolia fraseri Walter Umbrella Tree/Earleaf Magnolia Magnoliaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Leaf bases deeply heart shaped.
Magnolia tripetela L. Umbrella Tree Magnoliaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Leaves clustered terminally. Flower petals white. Leaves globrous above, pubescent beneath.
Conopholis americana L.f. Squawroot/Cancerroot Martyniaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Pale lavender or white flowers. Plant is shaped like a curved tube.
Nyssa sylvatica Marsh. Black Gum Nyssaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Leaves are 3-6" alternat, simple, lustrous, dark green.  Yellow, orange, red to purple fall color.
Fraxinus americana L. White Ash Oleaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Pinnately compound leaves. Fruits are one seeded and single winged.
Botrychium virginianum L. Rattlesnake Fern Ophioglossaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Small fern with thin membranaceous blades.
Cypripedium acaule Ait. Pink Lady's Slipper Orchidaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Pink inflated flower. Two basal leaves.
Orchis spectabilis L. Showy Orchid Orchidaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Two basal obovate clammy leaves. Flowers violet-purple sepals-petals form hood.
Sanguinaria canadensis L. Fruit Bloodroot  Papaveraceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Single leaf with 5-9 deep lobes. White regular flowers with 8-12 petals.bean like fruit.
Phytolacca americana L. Pokeberry/Pokeweed Phytolaccaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Berries dark purple.  Poisonous.
Picea abies L. Norway Spruce Pinaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Drooping limbs that point up at the tip.
Tsuga canadensis L. male cones Hemlock Pinaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Short flat needles with two white lines underneath. Cones about one inch.
Tsuga caroliniana Engelm. Adelgid Carolina Hemlock Pinaceae 5/26/2005 Laurel Falls
Plantago lanceolata L.  Narrowleaf Plantain/Buckhorn Plantain Plantaginaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown Wetlands
Platanus occidentalis L. Bark Sycamore Platanaceae 5/16/2005 ETSU campus arboretum Camo bark with alternate 3-5 lobed leaves.
Polygala senega L. Seneca Snakeroot Polygalaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Many stems alternate leaves lanceolate to ovate. Flowers in white clusters.
Rumex crispus L. Curly Dock Polygonaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown Wetlands
Asplenium rhizophyllum L. Walking Fern Polypodiaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Evergreen spreading tufted leaves. Blades lanceolate entire with long apex that roots.
Adiantum pedatum L. Maidenhair Fern Polypodiaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Stipe forks at summit. Several pinnae branch from fork.
Dennstaedtia punctilobula Michx. Hay Scented Fern Polypodiaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Leaves thin and delicate.  Usually three times pinnate. Smells like fresh-cut hay.
Polystichum acrostichoides Michx. Christmas Fern Polypodiaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park
Asplenium platyneuron L.  Ebony Spleenwort Polypodiaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park
Athyrium asplenioides A. Eaton Sporangea Southern Lady Fern Polypodiaceae 5/23/2005 Rock Creek Park
Thelypteris noveboracensis Nieuwl. New York Fern Polypodiaceae 5/25/2005 Laurel Falls
Ranunculus recurvatus Poir. Hooked Buttercup Ranunculaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain Flowers with five yellow petals. Recurved style on seed head.
Ranunculus bulbosus L. Bulbous Buttercup Ranunculaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Hairy stem with bulbous base. Bright yellow flower with 5-7 petals.
Delphinium tricorne Michx. Fruit Dwarf Larkspur Ranunculaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Somewhat succulent, reddish at very base, petioles of lower leaves to 15cm long.
Hepatica acutiloba DC. Liverwort/Sharplobe Hepatica Ranunculaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Leaf lobes acute, 3-5 lobed, sepals blue, leaves kidney shaped.
Ranunculus acris L. Tall/Meadow Buttercup Ranunculaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown wetlands
Potentilla simplex Michx. Common Cinquefoil Rosaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Hairy stem with yellow regular flowers.
Rosa multiflora Thunb. Multiflora rose Rosaceae 5/202005 Winged Deer Park Ciliate stepal
Houstonia purpurea L. Large Summer Bluets Rubiaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove Tubular flowers in terminal purple clusters. Leaves ovate.
Mitchella repens L. Partridge Berry Rubiaceae 5/23/2005 Rock Creek Park
Cephalanthus occidentalis L. Buttonbush Rubiaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown wetlands
Houstonia caerulea L. Bluets/Quaker Ladies Rubiaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown wetlands
Saxifraga ? ? Saxifragaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge
Heuchera americana L. Flowers Alumroot Saxifragaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Leaves round lobed, glabrous, base cordate. Petals pink or purple. Seeds dark red.
Sedum ternatum Michx. Wild Stonecrop Sarraceniaceae 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Stem creeping. Lower leaves flat. Long lanceolate white petals twice the length of sepals.
Pedicularis canadensisL. Lousewort Scrophulariacece 5/23/2005 Unaka Mountain Yellow or reddish flowers in a short dense spike. Leaves deeply lobed and hairy.
Verbascum thapsus L. Common Mullien Scrophulariacece 5/19/2005 Doe River Gorge Wooly plant with spike of yellow flowers.  Soft velvet-like leaves.
Ailanthus altissima Mill. Tree-Of-Heaven Simaroubaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Tall tree. Leaves alternate. Pinnately compound. 5 green petals and sepals.
Obolaria virginica L. Pennywort Styracaceae 5/18/2005 Bumpass Cove 2-6 pairs of thick obtuse scales in place of leaves. Purple flower cleft to middle.
Typha latifolia L. Broad-Leaved Cattail Typhaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown Wetlands
Tilia americana American Basswood Tiliaceae 5/23/2005 Rock Creek Park Mature leaves hairless. Flower stalks hairless. Heart shaped fine toothed leaves.
Ulmus rubra Muhl. Slippery Elm Ulmaceae 5/20/2005 Winged Deer Park Twigs rough hairy. Buds red hairy. Top of leaf rough in both directions abd asymmetrical at base.
Celtis laevigata Willd. Southern Hackberry Ulmaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown Wetlands
Valerianella umbilicata (Sulliv.) Wood Close Up Corn Salad Valerianaceae 5/25/2005 Bowmantown Wetlands
Viola canadensis L. Canada Violet Violaceae 5/17/2005 Buffalo Mountain White flowers with pale violet backs, Bloom is about ten inches tall.