English 1010, Fall 2010, O'Donnell

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FOR THE FINAL EXAM -- Dr. O'Donnell, Weds 12-15, 4pm***


Last update: August 24, 2010

Instructor and Course Information
English 1010 Critical Reading and Expository Writing, TR 12:45am-2:05pm, Burleson 401

Dr. Kevin O'Donnell, instructor: faculty.etsu.edu/odonnell/; odonnell@etsu.edu 423 439-6679
Office:  Burleson 313 

Fall 2010 Office Hours:  TR 11:15-12:30 and 2:15-3:30; W 1:15-3:15pm


Final Grade Breakdown

- Five essays, approx. 1,000 words each (the lowest grade, excepting Fs, will be dropped): 40% 

- Best essay revised: 30% 

- Grammar activities/ quizzes, including the final exam: 10% 

- Miscellaneous ungraded assignments: 10% 

- Participation (including draft points): 10% 


Five Essay Assignments

- Essay 1:  Narrative/ Writing from Experience and Observation

- Essay 2:  Tech Writing ("How-to") 

- Essay 3:  Review/ Criticism

- Essay 4:  Opinion/ Editorial

- Essay 5:  Academic Writing/ Writing from Sources


Required Materials
1.  Access to the world wide web.
2.  A notebook. 
3.  The DK Handbook, 2nd edition, available in the ETSU bookstore.


Readings on the Web
Aside from your handbook, no textbook will be used in this course.  Instead, readings are posted on the world wide web.  (Click on "Calendar," at the top of this page, for specific reading assignments and dates.)  Please talk to me individually, during the first week of class, if you expect to have trouble getting access to the internet. 


Attendance, Due Dates
Attendance: The official English department attendance policy says that if you have more than 6 absences you fail the course. In addition, I've set the following policies:  1) You may miss two classes free, no questions asked.  2) No absences will be excused, so use your freebies wisely!  3) If you miss between two and six classes, I reserve the right to lower your grade, incrementally, up to one full letter grade.
Due Dates:  I do not accept late work.  If you must miss class on a due date, email your work as an attachment to odonnell@etsu.edu, or put it in the U.S. Mail, addressed to me at the ETSU English department, Johnson City 37614.  Then also please bring a hard copy to the following class period.