Engl 1028 Honors Composition II Special Topic: Global Warming

O'Donnell, ETSU, Fall 2016

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Student Essays, Written This Semester

last update: December 6, 2016


So this class was really interesting, this semester.  Twelve honors composition students and I explored this huge, intractable, sometimes overwhelming, and always fascinating topic -- global warming.  I was so impressed with some of the writing that I thought it would be a good idea to make it widely available, here on this website, with the student/ authors' permissions. 


Comments?  Email me at odonnell@etsu.edu.  -- Kevin O'Donnell, instructor


Essays Arranged Alphabetically by Title


- Climate Change Deniers: A Research Paper on the Misinformation Campaigns Spread by the Fossil Fuel Industry, by Jasmyn Herrell


- Drawing Connections: The Parallels Between the End-Permian Mass Extinction and Current Climate Change, by Amber Rookstool


- The Market Solution to Climate Change: How Renewables Could Overtake Fossil Fuels in Powering Industries and Homes -- With Falling Costs and Rising Efficiency, it may only be a Matter of Time, by Will Beaudry


- More than Just Clean Energy: A Research Paper Exploring the Possibilities of Micro-Algae Based Biofuel Production as Part of a Solution to Problems Related to Anthropogenic Global Warming, by Malikai Bass 


- What is the Paris Agreement and How Will it be Implemented? A research paper about the details, goals, and non-punitive enforcement of the international treaty the Paris Agreement, by Gabrielle R. Johnson