Engl 3040 Literary Nonfiction, Fall 2017, ETSU

Tuesdays 4-6:50pm, Burleson 304

Instructor: Dr. Kevin O'Donnell, odonnell@etsu.edu


Dear Students and Prospective Students --


I don't have the course plan posted yet for this class.  However, here is a link to the materials as I taught this same course last fall:




You can click there to get a good sense of what the course will be like this fall.  However, this summer, I plan to reconsider the readings and the approach, so I'll probably change a few of the texts, and perhaps change the assignments up a bit.  I should have the updated course materials posted by some time in July.  In the meantime, I can tell you this: The course will be quite interesting -- perhaps more interesting than it sounds.  "Literary Nonfiction" is a kind of clunky, earth-bound term, but there is a lot of really exciting nonfiction being written these days.  You might be surprised by how good some of these texts are.  If you have any questions or observations, please contact me.  Email is the easiest and most reliable way to get a hold of me. -- odonnell@etsu.edu. 




-- Kevin O'Donnell, May 17, 2017