Engl 3130 Advanced Composition, Spring 2017

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last update: January 8, 2017 


Course and Instructor 
English 3130 Advanced Composition, Monday and Wednesday 3:10-4:30pm, Burleson 201

Instructor: Dr. Kevin O'Donnell, faculty.etsu.edu/odonnell/

odonnell@etsu.edu 423 439-6679 
Office: Burleson Hall 313

Spring 2017 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 1:40-3pm; Tuesday, 12-3pm 


Course Texts and Materials 

- Sid Holt, editor. The Best American Magazine Writing 2016. Columbia University Press, 2016. $18.95. ISBN: 0231181558

- Steven Pinker. The Sense of Style: The Thinking Personís Guide to Writing in the 21st Century. Viking, 2014. ISBN: 0670025852 $27.95 

- A grammar handbook of your choice.

- Internet and printer access: We will read numerous articles that are posted on the web, and you will print up to a few dozen pages of text. 

- Recommended: A 9-3/4" x 7-1/2", 100-sheet, lined, stitch-bound notebook (in other words, a traditional composition notebook)


Five Major Essays 
Essay 1: Narrative/ Personal Experience/ Reportage 
Essay 2: Tech Writing ("How-to"-- Expository/ Explanatory) 
Essay 3: Review/ Criticism 
Essay 4: Academic Writing--Writing from Sources 
Essay 5: Writing in the nonfiction genre of your choice 

Final Grade Breakdown

1. Five major essays of 1250-2000 wds each (the lowest grade, excluding Fs, is dropped): 40% 
2. Best essay, revised for the web: 35% 

3. Reading quizzes, and miscellaneous, ungraded short memos and other writings (including topic proposals, revision plans, etc): 10% 
4. Participation in draft workshops: 10%

5. Final exam (a response to selected classmates' revised work): 5%


Draft Policies

We will conduct five draft workshops throughout the semester. Here's how those will work: A week before each major essays is due, you will bring to class a rough draft, along with 2 extra copies. You and two classmates, working as a group of 3, will then read each other's drafts, write comments, and discuss. At the end of the workshop, you will submit a copy of the rough draft to me. I will comment on the draft, but I will not grade it. I must receive a copy of the draft, nevertheless, in order to read and grade the subsequent revision. (In other words, you can't spring an essay on me for a grade, until I've see a rough draft first.) 


If you show up for a workshop, on time and prepared, with three legible copies of your work -- and if, during that workshop, you read, write about, and respond to your classmates' work, in an engaged and exuberant fashion -- then you earn two participation points for that session.


Attendance, Due Dates 
Attendance: The official English department attendance policy says that if you have more than 3 absences you fail the course.

Due Dates: In general, I do not accept late work. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, talk to me. I am happy to make reasonable accomodations. If you must miss a class during which a major essay is due, then email me the essay ahead of time; also then bring a hard copy to the following class meeting.