Envs 4950 Integrative Seminar in Environmental Studies, O'Donnell, Spring 2017

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last update: January 13, 2017


I. Course Information and Description
ENVS 4950 Integrative Seminar in Environmental Studies

MW 12:35-1:30, Burleson 202


This course is a "capstone" experience for Environmental Studies minors who are preparing to graduate. The purpose is to help you synthesize what you've learned in the courses you've already taken for the minor, and to help you identify your own niche, or area of interest, within the broad field of environmental studies. Students in the class will read and discuss two books and a range of articles in common. In addition, you will work with me, individually, to arrange a service activity, project, or placement related to your area of interest. You will also then select additional readings (two books, or the equivalent) that relate specifically to your service placement.


II. Instructor Information

Dr. Kevin O'Donnell, http://faculty.etsu.edu/odonnell/, odonnell@etsu.edu 423 439-6679
Office: Burleson Hall 313

Spring 2017 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 1:40-3pm; Tuesday, 12-3pm 


III. Assignments and Activities

- 20 to 30 hours service activity or project.

- Readings, discussion, and written responses: You will occasionally write responses to the readings, either as assigned ahead of time, or in class on the day readings are due.

- Syllabus and course materials: You will submit a customized syllabus by the fifth week of class, to be posted on the web.

- Written final project: You will produce approximately 10 pages of formal writing--the form, audience, and purpose of which will be related to your service project, and which will be determined by you, in consultation with me.


IV. Final Grade Breakdown

- 20 to 30 hours of service work: 30%

- Written final project: 30%

- Weekly assignments, including customized syllabus; reading responses; reading quizzes; etc: 30%

- Presentation to classmates, based on final project: 5%

- Miscellaneous--participation in draft workshops; informal in-class writing, etc: 5%


V. Required Texts

- Amy Stewart, editor. The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2016. Mariner Books, 2016. $14.95. ISBN: 0544748999

- Elizabeth Kolbert. The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. Picador, 2015. $16.00 ISBN-13: 9781250062185

- Various reading selections posted on the web.

- In addition to the above texts, which we will all read in common, you will select additional readings--typically two books, or the equivalent-- in consultation with me, that are related specifically to your area of interest, and to your service placement.