Engl 2110 American Lit 1, O'Donnell, ETSU, Summer 2017

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Course and Instructor 
English 2110 American Literature 1, section 10

MW 10am to 1:45pm, Burleson 304, June 5 to July 7

Instructor: Dr. Kevin O'Donnell, faculty.etsu.edu/odonnell/

odonnell@etsu.edu 423 439-6679 
Office: Burleson Hall 313

Summer 2017 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 1:50-3pm


Course Texts

Required:  The Norton Anthology of American Literature, 8th edition (2012), Volume A: Beginnings to 1820; and Volume B: 1820-1865. 

Recommended:  Jill Lepore.  The Story of America: Essays on Origins.  Princeton University Press, 2012.  ISBN: 0691159599  $18.95


Course Requirements and Final Grade Breakdown

1. 2 exams, a midterm and a final, each worth 25% -- 50%  
2. 4 Reading Response Essays, 1 to 3 typed pages (300 to 900 words), each worth 5% -- 20%

3. 5 surprise reading quizzes, each worth 5% -- 25%

4. Participation -- 5%


The official Department of Lit and Language policy:  If you miss more than two classes, you fail the course.  My additional policy is that 1/2 class missed = 1/2 of an absence.  In general, I will strive to make the classes worthwhile, so try to not to miss.  If an unavoidable conflict comes up, please communicate with me about it, and I will make reasonable accomodations. 


Due Dates

I do not accept late work. If you must miss class on a day when an essay is due, email your work before class time, as an attachment to me at odonnell@etsu.edu. Then also bring a hard copy to the following class period. If you know that you will be unable to attend during an exam day, talk to me ahead of time to arrange to take the exam at another time.  In-class reading suprise reading quizzes cannot be made up.