Research Interests

We are currently working on two projects:

1. Preclinical pharmacology of novel anti neoplastic compounds extracted from plants with ethnobotanical importance.

2. Muc4/ ErbB2 interactions and cell polarity in oncogenesis.

Selected Publications

Duran E, Ramsauer VP, Ballester M, Torrenegra RD, Rodriguez OE, Winkle SA. Qualitative analysis of sequence specific binding of flavones to DNA using restriction endonuclease activity assays.Biopolymers. 2013 Aug;99(8):530-7.

Thomas CM, Wood RC 3rd, Wyatt JE, Pendleton MH, Torrenegra RD, Rodriguez OE, Harirforoosh S, Ballester M, Lightner J, Krishnan K, Ramsauer VP. Anti-neoplastic activity of two flavone isomers derived from Gnaphalium elegans and Achyrocline bogotensis. PLoS One. 2012;7(6):e39806.

Pfister AB, Wood RC, Salas PJ, Zea DL, Ramsauer VP. Early response to ErbB2 over-expression in polarized Caco-2 cells involves partial segregation from ErbB3 by relocalization to the apical surface and initiation of survival signaling. J Cell Biochem. 2010 Oct 15;111(3):643-52.

Ramsauer VP, Pino V, Farooq A, Carothers Carraway CA, Salas PJ, Carraway KL. Muc4-ErbB2 complex formation and signaling in polarized CACO-2 epithelial cells indicate that Muc4 acts as an unorthodox ligand for ErbB2. Mol Biol Cell. 2006 Jul;17(7):2931-41.


Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Gatton College of Pharmacy

Ph.D., Biology

Binding of Small Molecules to DNA

Florida International University,1999.

Postdoctoral Fellowship

Tumor Cell Biology 

University of Miami School of Medicine


P.M.C. Clinical Research Management

Duke University 2007-2010