Daniel and Dr. Renner



Dr. Jasmine Renner is a (tenured)  Full Professor  of Higher Education Leadership in the Department of Education Leadership and Policy Analysis at East Tennessee State University.  She recently received the 2018-2019 Ambassador’s Distinguished Scholar award from the United States Embassy in Ethiopia. The Ambassador’s Distinguished Scholars Program (ADSP) is a collaboration among the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia (PAS), the Institute of International Education (IIE) which supports the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia and the partner university; Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia. She will conduct research, assist in pioneering a doctoral program in Adult Learner and International Development, engage in curriculum design and mentoring of students, in addition to attending diplomatic receptions, and network with foreign participants of U.S. Department of State exchange programs and local and international NGOs.

She is an international speaker, a consultant and the Founder and CEO of the Soaring Edge Girls Leadership Mentoring Program.  She teaches courses at East Tennessee State University namely:  Higher Education Law,  the Adult Learner,  Policy Analysis, Legal Affairs for Student Personnel, Ethics for Educational Leaders,  Leadership Studies, Small Group Leadership  and the Administration of Higher Education. She also instructs an online course on Small Group Leadership for the Masters of Professional Development Program in Strategic Leadership offered by the Tennessee Board of Regent Regents Online Degree Program.    

A native of Sierra Leone, she practiced law as an attorney specializing in comparative international law and general legal practice before relocating to the United States.  She is the author seven children's fiction books on leadership and character-building that has been translated into six different languages namely, Swahili, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Arabic and English. She is also the author of several peer-reviewed refereed journal articles and several book chapters on Leadership, including a recent text book on Social Media, and the Law.

She is the recipient of several national and international awards and recognition for her work in education and international outreaches and engagements such as the 2016 Best Paper Award and the Excel lency of Presentation Award, the Excellency of presentation Award, from the Conference on International Higher Education Administration, East Tennessee State University’s Clemmer College of Education award for Outstanding Faculty Research and East Tennessee State University’s Clemmer College of Education Diversity Award. She is a senior member of a global consulting group; the  eLearning Solutions Network that specializes in eLearning and Mobile learning consultations in the private sector and in higher education globally and in the U.S.   Dr. Renner volunteers her time with an international NGO headquartered in Johnson City. 

 Dr. Renner received her law degree from the Council of Legal Education, her master’s degree in international law and comparative studies from the University of Georgia school of law in Athens, Georgia and her doctorate in Educational leadership and policy analysis from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Dr. Renner is married to Sylvester Renner and has an eight-year old son Daniel, Denzel Renner. They reside in Johnson City, TN, USA.