September 2013-  An interdisciplinary experience - XV Congress of Students of Statistics (invited, recorded in Spanish- video available in - Lima, Peru

August 2013 - Being a statistician- the constant challenge - (invited)  Colegio Profesional de Estadisticos - Lima , Peru

February 2013- Things we found while CRAWling (together with Michele Joyner & Chelsea Ross) - Mathematics and Statistics Department Colloquium, ETSU.

December 2012 - Thoughts about how to prepare statisticians - (invited, in Spanish, video available in  ) UNM de San Marcos, Lima , Peru

September 2012 -   The polyplot -  (invited ) - XIV Congress of Students of statistics- Lima, Peru

June 2012  Using R to each randomization methods - International Use-R Conference - Nashville

August 2011 Samuel Kotz - final contributions in Kurtosis-  (invited,  in memorial session)  Joint Statistical Meetings- Miami, FL

April 2010  Identification of genes that have a different level of expression in the presence of a disease. Conference of Health Statisticians, National Institute of Children Health, Lima, Peru. (invited talk)

October 2009 'Statistical Consulting- cases, challenges and opportunities' IV Exact Sciences Conference in the Universidad Autonoma de Aguas Calientes, Mexico.(invited talk, sent recorded presentation)
June 2009-Poster & Beyond presentation 'An Early Introduction to Inference-the Symbiosis Experience' - US Conference on Teaching Statistics- Columbus, OH. (contributed presentation)
June 2009- 'Undergraduate research in Statistics'- U.N.M. San Marcos, Lima, Peru. (Invited talk)
June 2009-Statistical analysis of Micro-array data' - Graduate program in Biostatistics- U.N.M. San Marcos, Lima, Peru. (Invited talk)
May 2009-'The irresistible temptation of doing research' - Undergraduate research symposium, U.N.M. San Marcos, Lima, Peru.(Invited talk)
December 2008-   'Micro-array data Analysis' in the annual meeting of the Colegio Peruano de Estadisticos, Lima, Peru. (Invited talk)
July 2008- Presentation on the statistical component of Symbiosis I in the Symbiosis workshop held at ETSU.
May 2008- Kurtosis-some recent work  (video in Spanish) Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (Invited talk)
October 2007-'Teaching Statistics in the Biology Context- the Symbiosis project'  STATFEST ( pre-conference meeting) SACNAS meeting in Kansas City- (Invited talk)
August 2007- Introductory Statistics for prospective elementary school teachers-the Habitat experience at ETSU.Joint Statistical Meetings (ASA) , Salt Lake City.(contributed presentation)
 April 2007- Kurtosis.  Statistics Department of the University of Wyoming . (Invited talk)
January 2007-  Connection between consulting and teaching in Statistics, UNM San Marcos, Lima, Peru (Invited Talk)
August 2007 - Teaching statistics in the context of Biology,UNM San Marcos, Lima, Peru (Invited Talk)

September 2007- Resources for teaching statistical topics in schools- TMTA-SMMEA- Knoxville, TN
 July 2006- Influence of consulting on the selection of topics when teaching statistics. International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS 7) Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.(Oral presentation)
August 2005- The STAT-CAVE and a multitask approach to improved the teaching of Introductory Statistics. Joint Statistical Meetings (ASA) , Minneapolis. (Contributed presentation)
September 2005-  Cases, tools and experiences in Statistical Consulting VII Congreso de Estudiantes de Estadistica del Peru, Lima-Peru (Invited plenary talk)
 2002-2003}- Invited talks at Universidad N.M. de San Marcos, Lima, Peru:
Ideas and strategies for research in Statistics
Eight consulting cases
Computer intensive methods and simulation in statistical inference
 Some consulting cases in Bio-statistics
Ideas and trends in teaching statistics
August 2002- "Exploratory Tools for Comparison of Activity Time Series," Joint Statistical Meetings Association, New York (Contributed presentation)
July 2002- Curtosis, XX Colloquium of the Peruvian Mathematical Society, Lima , Peru (invitedpresentation)
July 2000- Kurtosis and Tests for Normality- XVIII Colloquium of the Peruvian Mathematical Society. Lima, Peru (invited presentation)
 August 1992-Optimal Designs and sensitivity analysis in regression. Multiciencias (International Symposium), Urubamba, Peru
July 1991- Locally G-optimal designs for Regression Models, ICIAM' 91 (International Conference in Industrial and Applied Mathematics) , Minisymposium "Applied Mathematics in Latin America"
July 1989-"Time series analysis: anchovy in the Peruvian sea". IV Latin American Congress on Biomathematics. Lima,Peru\\
July 1987- "About a problem in detecting seasonal behavior and cycles using spectral analysis in non-stationary time series" Seminar on Applied Statistics of the Inter -American Statistical Institute (IASI) Mar del Plata, Argentina
July 1980- "Effects of Transformations on Autocorrelations"- V ELAM- Mar del Plata- Argentina.

Selected Posters

Seier, Joyner, Jones, Ross & Watts Tools for the analysis of the spatial distribution of social spiders in a web- the case of the Anelosimus studiosus  Conference on Spatial Statistics, Columbus, June 2013

Co-author of several posters presented by others in the meeting of the Enthomological Society of America, Knoxville, TN, November 2013

Edith Seier and Karl Joplin : 'Teaching microarray data analysis of gene expression during development in an introductory undergraduate curriculum -the SYMBIOSIS experience' poster presented in the Second RECOMB Satellite Conference on Bioinformatics Education May 22-23 2010 , University of California, San Diego,La Jolla, California RECOMB2010

Three posters presented at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute workshop in Maryland- July 21-24 2008
- Seier, Joplin and Knisley- An early introduction of inference in Symbiosis I.
-Seier and Joplin- Exploring DNA sequences using probability in Symbiosis I.
- Seier and Joplin- Biology, a good excuse to talk about probability and Statistics.