Spirals, Bridges, and Tails: A GALEX UV Atlas of Interacting Galaxies

Beverly J. Smith, Mark L. Giroux, Curtis Struck, Mark Hancock, and Sabrina Hurlock

To see the journal article published in the Astronomical Journal (2010, Volume 139, pages 1212 - 1241), click here.

We have used the GALEX ultraviolet telescope to study stellar populations and star formation morphology in a well-defined sample of 42 nearby optically-selected pre-merger interacting galaxy pairs.

Figures 1 - 18 from this paper are shown below, in color jpg form. For the 29 galaxies in the sample with both GALEX and Sloan Digitized Sky Survey (SDSS) optical images, mosaics of the GALEX UV and SDSS optical images are displayed in Figures 1 - 14 in order by Arp number. Figures 15 - 18 show the GALEX images for the 13 galaxies not observed by SDSS.

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