Nashville Public Library

The new Nashville Public Library opened its doors to the public in August 2001. I visited in October 23001, and these are a few photographs that I took of the interior and exterior. The three photographs above were taken (with my digital camera, a Sony CyberShot) in the Reading Room.

The photo in the center is the second floor landing which features painted murals depicting the growth of Nashville from the 19th century (or possibly even earlier) to present day. Photos on left and right show the glass roof over the second floor landing.

Photo on the left is a close up of ironwork in the ceiling/glass window over the second floor landing. Photo on the right is taken on the ground floor, near the circulation desks. The mezzanine, which you catch of glimpse of, features photographs taken of and by Nashvillians. I'm not sure if it's a changing or permanent exhibit. Definitely worth seeing though.

Be sure to visit the courtyard. Whether the day is dreadful or beautiful the courtyard remains pleasing to the eye.

The fountain was especially lovely, and I took many shots of the varying water patterns.


A not so terribly close-up of the tiled design within the fountain's basin.