East Tennessee State University

       Summer 2014

              July 10 – 30 (tentative dates)

Study Abroad: Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia








































Travel to Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia – the deepest, the largest and the oldest lake on Earth. It contains 20% of all unfrozen fresh water on earth (close to Great Lakes combined) and is home to thousands of species of organisms that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.  Study Abroad participants will take BIOL-4950, Biodiversity Hotspots (2 credits) – a course focusing on origins, ecology and evolution of endemic adaptive radiations. Lake Baikal, often called the Nature’s laboratory, will be used as a splendid illustration for the course’s main ideas.  Learn field limnology techniques and biodiversity analysis methods at one of the most remote, exciting and beautiful lakes on Earth.

The trip will include a week-long stay at a field station on the shores of the lake, a 5-day trip around the lake on a research vessel and 2 days stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Faculty leaders: L. Yampolsky, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and Joe Bidwell, Professor and Chair, Department of Biological Sciences.

To apply please contact L. Yampolsky, yampolsk@etsu.edu, 423-439-4359 office, 423-676-7489 cell.  Spaces are limited. Application form is here.

         Cost estimate: airfare - $2100, program fees including tuition, local travel, room and board - $2900.

Financial Aid and International Education Scholarships (up to $2250) may be available to full-time ETSU students in good standing. Please contact Amy Collins in the Financial Aid Office with questions about Financial Aid and Kelly Hill (HILLKL@mail.etsu.edu) with questions about the scholarships. Scholarship deadlines are January 31 and March 31, but you need to apply ASAP to get approved before the trip deadline: do not wait for the March 31 deadline!


A view of Baikal Field Station of Irkutsk State University, where we will be staying.


Research vessel Professor Treskov. We will charter this or a similar boat for a 5-day cruise.


Professor Yampolsky in the abyss of Baikal


More photos from 2013 NSF-funded expedition