Links, data and pictures for Genetics Lab (BIOL3141)

Useful links that will often be used in Genetics Lab:
       National Center for Biotechnology Information - portal to databases and tools:
             OMIM (On-line Mendelian Inheritance in Man)

       Human Gene Mutation Database

Data, pictures of gels, etc.:
       Intron-Exon borders (2004)
       Restriction Mapping (2004)
        Pictures of gels from Restriction mapping lab
             Gel 1, photo 1 - size marker ladder looks slightly better on this one
             Gel 1, photo 2 - restriction bands look slightly better on this one
             Gel 2 - I run this gel after class, used a longer and denser gel for better resolution
                     of smaller fragments of similar size.
                     This gel also contains a little extra points assignment.
                     Lanes 1-4 (on the left of the gel) show PCR amplified mini-satellite DNA
                     (DNA fingerprint) from:
                     Lane 1 - Suspect #1
                     Lane 2 - Suspect #2
                     Lane 3 - Suspect #3
                     Lane 4 - Evidence (DNA collected at the crime scene).
                     Who is guilty as charged? Explain what each band means.