Faculty Websites in OU Campus

ETSU faculty have the option to build their faculty website in OU Campus the University's Content Management System. OU Campus allows Faculty to update their content in an easy and efficient interface. Currently, to update content each faculty member has to essentially "know" how to manage a website, including all the html coding, table layouts, etc. This can be a difficult and time consuming task. Also a task that has to be accomplished on campus. If you should elect to move into OU Campus you will be able to update your website at anytime and in any location with ease.

So what are the first steps?

  1. Contact the webteam or call 9-8249
  2. The web team will be responsible for building your site in OU Campus
  3. Make a plan of your website
    • Navigation - this is the section names of a site, and the names should clearly state what lies behind them.
    • Content - what information do you want on your pages - this includes pictures!
    • Color - as a faculty site you will have a bit more freedom with colors - you will be able to make changes even after your site is built but first you will need to select your starting colors using our template builder.
  4. It is that easy!

Ok now comes the training!

In training you will learn to build navigation, change color options, design your own banner, use the WYSIWYG editor and if time, build an image gallery.