Joseph O. Baker


Research Interests: Religion; secularism; deviance and social control; public views of science; paranormalism; penology and law; social theory

In addition to teaching at ETSU, I work for the Association of Religion Data Archives.  For the thrilling minutiae of my credentialing history and varied efforts at ritual impressiveness, see my curriculum vitae.            

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Publications:  Contact me if you would like full text versions of any articles. 

Public Views of Science
Public Perceptions of Incompatibility between "Science and Religion." 
Public Understanding of Science 21(3):340-354

Acceptance of Evolution and Support for Teaching Creationism in Public Schools
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52(1):216-228.

With Andrew Whitehead.  Homosexuality, Religion, and Science: Moral Authority and the Persistence of Negative Attitudes.  Sociological Inquiry 82(4):487-509.

With Stefano Longo.  Economy "Versus" Environment: The Influence of Economic Ideology and Political Identity on Perceived Threat of Eco-Catastrophe.The Sociological Quarterly 55(2):341-65.


American Secularism(s)
With Buster Smith.  The Nones: Social Characteristics of the Religiously Unaffiliated. 
Social Forces

With Buster Smith.  None Too Simple: Examining Issues of Religious Nonbelief and Nonbelonging in the United StatesJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion 48(4):719-733. 

Perceptions of Science and American Secularism. 
Sociological Perspectives 55(1):167-188.



Patterns of Religious Practice, Belief, and Experience
With Kelli K. Smith and Yasmin A. Stoss.  Theism, Secularim, and Sex Education in the United States.  Sexuality Research and Social Policy 12(3):236-247.

An Investigation of the Sociological Patterns of Prayer Frequency and Content.
Sociology of Religion 69(2):165-185. 

With Jerry Park.  What Would Jesus Buy? American Consumption of Religious and Spiritual Material GoodsJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion 46(4):501-518. 

With Scott Draper.  Angelic Belief as American Folk Religion.
Sociological Forum 26(3):623-643. 

Who Believes in Religious Evil?  An Investigation of Sociological Patterns of Belief in Satan, Hell, and DemonsReview of Religious Research 50(2):206-220. 

The Variety of Religious Experiences.
Review of Religious Research 51(1):39-54.  Erratum


Congregational Dynamics
Social Sources of the Spirit: Connecting Rational Choice and Interactive Ritual Theories in the Study of Religion Sociology of Religion 71(4):432-456.

With Sam Stroope.  Structural and Cultural Sources of Community in American Congregations. 
Social Science Research 45:1-17.

Theories of Deviance and Control
With Chris Bader and Kittye Hirsch.  Desecration, Moral Boundaries, and the Movement of Law: The Case of Westboro Baptist Church.  Deviant Behavior 36(1):42-67.

The Expression of Low Self-Control as Problematic Drinking in Adolescents: An Integrated Control PerspectiveJournal of Criminal Justice 38(3):237-244. 


"Paranormal" Beliefs and Subcultures
With Chris Bader and Carson Mencken.  Paranormal America: Ghost Encounters, UFO Sightings, Bigfoot Hunts, and Other Curiosities in Religion and Culture.  New York: NYU Press.

With Chris Bader.  A Social Anthropology of Ghosts in Twenty-First-Century America.  Social Compass 61(4):569-593.

With Scott Draper.  Diverse Supernatural Portfolios: Certitude, Exclusivity, and the Curvilinear Relationship between Religiosity and Paranormal BeliefJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49(3):413-424.  Appendix

With Chris Bader and Andrea Molle.   Countervailing Forces: Religiosity the Paranormal Belief in Italy.
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51(4):705-720.