Joseph O. Baker


Research Interests: Religion; secularism; ideology; deviance and social control; public views of science; paranormalism; penology and law; social theory

In addition to teaching at ETSU, I work for the Association of Religion Data Archives.  For the thrilling minutiae of my credentialing history and varied efforts at ritual impressiveness, see my curriculum vitae.            

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Publications:  Contact me if you would like full text versions of any articles. 

Public Views of Science
Public Perceptions of Incompatibility between "Science and Religion."   Public Understanding of Science 21(3):340-354

Acceptance of Evolution and Support for Teaching Creationism in Public Schools
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52(1):216-228.

Homosexuality, Religion, and Science: Moral Authority and the Persistence of Negative Attitudes.  Sociological Inquiry 82(4):487-509.

Economy "Versus" Environment: The Influence of Economic Ideology and Political Identity on Perceived Threat of Eco-Catastrophe.The Sociological Quarterly 55(2):341-65.


American Secularism(s)
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Atheism, Agnosticism, and IrreligionEmerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences.


Gendering (Non)Religion: Politics, Education, and Gender Gaps in Secularity in the United States.  Social Forces.



Patterns of Religious Practice, Belief, and Experience
An Investigation of the Sociological Patterns of Prayer Frequency and Content.
Sociology of Religion 69(2):165-185. 

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Congregational Dynamics
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Deviance, Social Control, and Law
Desecration, Moral Boundaries, and the Movement of Law: The Case of Westboro Baptist Church.  Deviant Behavior 36(1):42-67.

The Expression of Low Self-Control as Problematic Drinking in Adolescents: An Integrated Control PerspectiveJournal of Criminal Justice 38(3):237-244. 

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"Paranormal" Beliefs and Subcultures
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