Information on Courses Taught by
Bob Gardner

Here's the information on the courses I am teaching in fall 2023:

Modern Algebra 1
(MATH 54100)
Fall 2023
Complex Analysis 1
(MATH 5510)
Fall 2023

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Copies of many more syllabi from courses I have taught are available in my syllabus archive.

Copies of many of my class notes are online as given below. I now also have a partial index of the notes available. Some older class notes can be found on my Archives webpage. Additional class notes which are still in preparation are here.

Graduate Level Analysis
Royden's Analysis Book
Real Analysis
Part 1, Part 2,
Part 3
Conways second edition
Complex Analysis
, Additional
Promislow's Functional Analysis Book
Functional Analysis

Graduate Level Algebra, Discrete Math, and Geometry
Hungerford's Algebra Book
Modern Algebra
Groups, Rings and Modules,
Gentle's Matrix Algebra, 2nd edition
Theory of Matrices
Bondy and Murty's Graph Theory
Graph Theory 1,
Graph Theory 2
Bondy and Murty's Graph Theory
Mathematical Modeling
Using Graph Theory
Faber's Differential Geometry Book
Differential Geometry

Senior/Graduate Level Pure Math
Munkres Topology Book
General Topology

Algebraic Topology
Kirkwood's Analysis Book
Analysis 1

Analysis 2
Brown and Chruchill 8th edition
Complex Variables
Fraleigh's Abstract Algebra Book
Introduction to
Modern Algebra
Part 1, Part 2
Livingston's Knot Theory
Introduction to Knot Theory
Pearls in Graph Theory Book
Introduction to
Graph Theory
Introduction to Modern Geometry
Ostermann and Wanner's Geometry by its History
Wylie's Foundations of Geometry
Axiomatic and Transformational Geometry
Pedoe's Geometry: A Comprehensive Course
Ball's Finite Geometry and Combinatorial Applications

Some Applied Topics
Bedford and Fowler's Statics Book
Applied Mechanics 1
DNA Replication from Cosmos
Genetics and Math Biology
Boyce and DiPrima's Elementary DEs and BVPs
Differential Equations 2
Debnath and Mikusinski's Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications
Applied Hilbert Spaces
(Applied Math 1)
Waltman' Second Course in Elementary DEs
Ordinary Differential Equations
(Applied Math 1)
Strauss' PDEs: Introduction
Partial Differential Equations
(Applied Math 2)

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Level
Thomas' Calculus
Calculus 1
Thomas' Calculus
Calculus 2
Thomas' Calculus, 12
Calculus 3
Fraleigh's Linear Algebra Book
Linear Algebra
Ross's Introduction to ODEs Book
Differential Equations
Rosens's Discrete Math and Applications, 4th edition
Discrete Structures
Gerstein's Introduction to Mathematical Structures and Proofs, 2nd Edition
Mathematical Reasoning
Dudley's Elementary Number Theory, 2nd Edition
Number Theory
Eves' An Introduction to the History of Mathematics, 6th Edition (1990)
History of Math

Probability and Statistics
Moore's Basic Practice of Statistics, 4th Edition
Probability and Statistics
Hogg, McKean, Craig's Introduction to Mathematical Statistics 8th Edition
Mathematical Statistics 1

Mathematical Statistics 2

Snow's Dynamic Astronomy, 3rd Edition
Sullivan's Precalculus 10th edition
Precalculus 1 (Algebra)
Sullivan's Precalculus 7th edition
Precalculus 2 (Trigonometry)
Heart of Math 2nd edition
Foundations and Structure
of Mathematics 1

Some solutions to tests which I have given over the past few years are online:

Sullivan's Precalculus 10th edition
Precalculus 1
Thomas' Calculus, 12
Calculus 1
Thomas' Calculus, 12
Calculus 2
Thomas' Calculus, 12
Calculus 3
Fraleigh's Linear Algebra Book
Linear Algebra

Video lectures prepared for select online classes are available at:

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