Numerical Control Programming
Chapter 4
Feeding the Controller

Review Questions

  1. What are paper tape "channels"?
  2. What is the purpose for paper tape channels?
  3. How many holes can an array across the tape contain?
  4. Define the term "parity."
  5. What is a parity error?
  6. How does a photoelectric tape reader work?
  7. Why do some tape readers require black paper tape or Mylar tape to work properly?
  8. What are the significant differences between the EIA code and the ASCII code.
  9. What are the significant similarities between the EIA and ASCII codes?
  10. What singular purpose does the EIA code assign to channel 8?
  11. What does "baud rate" mean?
  12. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic tape as compared to paper tape.

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