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PhD University of South Carolina 2004
filming in Sri Lanka 3 I teach linguistics and coordinate the TESOL Certificate Program in the Dept. of Literature and Language at East Tennessee State University. I have taught English as a Second Language in Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, China, Ecuador, and the U.S.
My beginning Sinhala curriculum, co-authored with Liyanage Amarakeerthi at Peradeniya University, will be published by Cornell University in 2011. Besides the student book, it includes a teacher’s guide and electronic videos, audiofiles, photographs, and other cool stuff. The curriculum development has been made possible by the South Asia Program at Cornell University and by a grant from the US Dept. of Education.

Click on the book cover to see a video about the new materials.

Sinhala in akuru(Sinhala) is one of the languages of Sri Lanka. It is an Indo-European language spoken by between 13 million and 14 million people.

                                  making language videos in Sri Lanka
 Athula in rice field filming at Peradeniya  filming in rice field
the peanut gallery the peanut gallery close-up filming in the canal

my plenary and workshop with Jerome Mwinyelle at the Second National and First International ELT Conference at the Universidad Politécnica de Salesiana in Cuenca, Ecuador
plenary              workshop