Blaine W. Schubert, PhD

Director, Don Sundquist Center of Excellence in Paleontology 
Director & Curator of Vertebrates, ETSU Museum of Natural History 
Associate Professor, Dept. of Geosciences 

Dr. Schubert


Research Interests 

  • The evolution and paleobiology of Neogene amphibians, reptiles and mammals.
  • The impact of Late Cenozoic climatic change on terrestrial vertebrates.
  • Cave paleontology in general.

Some Current Projects 

  • The paleobiology of short-faced bears.
  • The development of a Cave Paleontology Program at East Tennessee State University.
  • Neogene vertebrate paleoecology in the Southern Appalachians and Ozarks.









cave salamander


Department of Geosciences, Box 70636 
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN 37614-1709
Phone: (423) 439-7883
Fax: (423) 439-6905