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elder reading programs

Evergreen Reader/Elder Reading Circles Program (Minnesota Humanities Commission)

Rainbow Bridge (Colorado) (Intergenerational reading)


No reading lists for elders are appearing in my browser, and my search of LibraryLit was unrewarding as well. I did find two programs whose missions include reading to senior citizens living in nursing homes.

The Evergreen Reader/Elder Reading Circles Program looks fantastic. Sponored by the Minnesota Humanities Council, the program features writings by Minnesota authors. A great way to promote the shared heritage of the residents, no doubt. The MHC copiled the Evergreen Reader, and made their selections based upon whether the work was a good "read aloud" candidate. Wonder about the criterion? So do I. The program is available in six cities in MN. I emailed the director of Learning in Retirement to get more information about the Evergreen Reader's contents.

Rainbow Bridge promotes intergenerational relationships between senior citizens and at-risk youth. It is a service-learning organization which focuses on literacy and living history, but there's no further information about the literacy aspect, and I assume that its purpose is geared towards the children and not senior citizens. I get the idea that the seniors who participate are active and in good shape, not bound to a wheelchair or bed.