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About me v.3: a-z

Once again, I resort to gimmicks. This a-z thing may be tired, but so am I. My autobiographical narrative skills are nil today.

Accordion; I long to play one.
Becky was my nickname for eighteen years and still serves in that capacity for family members.
Clowns disturb me, as do birds kept as pets.
Dog-lover & Dog-owner (2 an English Springer Spaniel and an American Cocker Spaniel).
Eating is near the top of my list of favorite activities.
Funyuns used to be my favorite snack-food, but they don't taste so good anymore.
Gin & Tonic is my standard drink.
Housework bores me.
Ideas captivate me.
Joaquin Phoenix; his photo by Annie Leibovitz ripped out of Vanity Fair hangs in my office.
Knitting consumes my time and keeps my fingers busy.
Learning about people, places, and things invigorates my mind.
Milking a cow is a skill I want to learn before I die.
Noticing details about individuals occupies me when I'm bored.
October is my favorite month.
Photography is one of my passions.
Quirkiness is something that I seek in the world.
Red lipstick is one of my strongest and most enduring stylistic characteristics.
Snorkeling in Key West was the most fun I had last year.
Traveling anywhere, but especially in France, is my main objective.
Unless someone speaks to me first, I may not speak to them at all; it's shyness, not snobbery.
Vocabulary words excite me.
Writing is something that I cannot Not do.
Xylophone is my favorite jazz instrument.
Yellow is my least-favorite color.
Zoos; I avoid.

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