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Thursday, October 24, 2001
no time to read

I've had no time for leisure reading, nor have I really had the urge. I must be going through one of my non-reading spells. I have several lovely books checked out from any number of libraries, and am constantly buying, begging, or stealing (ok that's a bit dramatic, I can't recall ever stealing a book...well.... ok I admit to stealing a library book or two when I was a child.... I know, it's shameful to admit), so there's an abundance of reading material in my life. Anyway, here's the short list of what I've read in the past 2 1/2 weeks: A voice from the south by Anna Julia Cooper; Black music in the Harlem Renaissance edited by Samuel Floyd; and Carter G. Woodson's Mis-education of the negro.

Thursday, October 4, 2001
hibernation at molasses speed

With too many activities in my life, my reading place has slowed considerably. However, over the past weekend, I did complete 3 books. Split second was average.... FBI profiler's serial-killer stalker escapes from prison and stalks her once again.... I've read better, though I've also read worse.

Next was Thomas Perry's Death benefits. Quite good, as usual he doesn't disappoint, though I was thrilled near the end when I had everything all figured out and of course the characters hadn't a clue. I wanted to whisper in their ears, "Hey, YOU are the bad guys that those freaky folks are searching for!" Eventually they caught on (obviously they DON'T read mysteries, otherwise they would be more suspicious), and the story concluded. Not as good as Blood money, which is part of his Jane Whitefield series...most excellent!

And, I read Ultimate justice by Mimi Latt. It took a moment for me to recall the plot. Deputy DA struggles with her mother dying of cancer, being accused of dealing drugs, and solving a 20-year old mystery that may implicate her DA father. Again, an average read. (And SHE wants to give tips to other mystery writers?) Oh, now I remember what I didn't like about this book. It was very choppy and thin. I like books that are dense with words and details (though not too many...that's distracting...too much flower loses the power) something that I can really immerse myself within, but Latt's book just seemed so surface/veneer. Probably won't read another of her novels. However, the character had a conversation with a potential beau, and they discussed reading & books. Apparently the heroine read three books simultaneously (so does the beau).... none were mysteries or she would have followed up on the obvious clues and been more suspicious, or at least on top of things. Gosh, are people really that out of touch with reality?

Currently reading A voice from the south by Anna Julia Cooper. Published in 189? her narrative style seems contrived and overtly allegorical...cringe! And, it's available electronically, so that you too can read it. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill scanned the text and images as part of their documenting the American South project.

Oh, I did begin Kinky Friedman's Mile high club. It's irreverent and witty, some of his vocabulary is beyond me, but I think it will be a fun read. Ominously, there's a section of the book (published in 2000) that addresses the next bombing of the World Trade Center.... Iíll get the exact quote. I thought that was pretty freaky. Anyway, it will likely rest on my bedside table until I find free time to read it. Too many books and too many other obligations and deadlines.