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Wednesday, June 6, 2001
getting into rhythm and blues

Not up to speed on my reading just yet, but I am enjoying the Arthur Alexander story, but not much of it is about him. Mostly about the Muscle Shoals music scene of the sixties. Am gearing up for my next book, Country music annual 2000, and hoping soon to read Romancing the Folk: Public Memory and American Roots Music, if I can find a copy at my library.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001
read the release forms

No time to read last night or today. Maybe tonight, but doubtful. Reading limited to release forms for participating in some low element outdoor recreation challenge elements and the 60 foot high Carolina Climbing Tower on the Basler Challenge Course (not a very snazzy page, is it?). So you see, you really Do read all the time, everyday whether you want to or not. Guess I coulda just faked it and signed away though...

Monday, June 4, 2001
read the signs

Restarted Get a shot of rhythm and blues this weekend but haven't gotten to the heart of it just yet. Did read an article about little girls in beauty pageants (in the south, no less) in Oxford American. And, the cover article in Organic Gardening about the most fragrant flowers of the world--inspired me to think about making my backyard into a smelly place. Most of the reading I did Sunday was on the Virginia Creeper Trail ---no motorized vehicles, bikers call when passing on left, etc.

Friday, June 1, 2001
once, twice, three times a corpse...

Last night I finished Edna Buchanan's latest novel in the Britt Montero mystery series, You only die twice. While reporting on an unidentified beautiful corpse (are they EVER ugly?) that washed up on Miami Beach, Britt discovers that the woman's husband awaits execution on death row for her murder 10 years ago. Once Britt is on the case, the facts fall in place in no time. She uncovers Lily Jordan's life of the past 10 years, delivers a baby in an elevator, and survives a crash landing. Buchanan's likable, well-developed characters make this book infinitely readable.