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Books i read in 2000

Fowler, Connie. May Before women had wings
Deaver, Jeff. The devil's teardrop
Morris, Mary McGarry. Songs in ordinary time
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon. In the family way
Sheehy, Gail. Hilary's choice
Paretsky, Sara. Hard time
Chace, Rebecca. Capture the flag
Barry, Dave. Big trouble
Grisham, John. Testament
Deaver, Jeff. A maiden's grave
Deaver, Jeff. Praying for sleep
Deaver, Jeff. Coffin dancer
Sharpiro, Jane. A dangerous husband
Evans, Elizabeth. Carter Clay
Hiaasen, Carl. Sick puppy
Pelecanos, George P. Shame the devil
Chevalier, Tracy. The girl with a pearl earring
Buchanan, Edna. Garden of evil
Jance, J.A. Kiss of the bees
Garcia-Aguilera, Carolina. Miracles in paradise: a Lupe Solano mystery
Reynolds, Marjorie. Civil wars of Jonah Moran
Mosher, Howard Frank. Fall of the year
George, Elizabeth. In pursuit of the proper sinner
Haruf, Kent. Plainsong
Gardner, Lisa. The other sister
Johansen, Iris. Killing game
Perry, Thomas. Blood money
Connelly, Michael. Blood work
Roberts, Gillian. Adam & evil
Jance, J.A. Outlaw mountain
Kellerman, Faye. Jupiter's bones
Whaley, Emily. Mrs. Whaley & her Charleston garden
Simon, Laura. Dear Mr. Jefferson
Hegi, Ursula. The vision of Emma Blau
Grisham, John. The brethren
Shreve, Anita. Fortune's rocks
Wren, M.K. Neely Jones: the medusa pool
Lematre, Corene. April rising
Martini, Steve. The attorney
Ansay, A. Manette. Vinegar Hill
Warlick, Ashley. Summer after June
Melinda Haynes. Mother of pearl
Hillerman, Tony. Hunting badger
Arnow, Harriet Simpson. Between the flowers
Manheim, Mary H. Bone lady: life as a forensic anthropologist
Nelson, Liza. Playing Botticelli
Naslund, Sena Jeter. Ahab's wife or, the star-gazer
Vreeland, Susan. Girl in hyacinth blue
Fallis, Greg. Murder: from the chalk outline to the execution chamber
Truman, Margaret. Murder in the Library of Congress
Landvik, Linda. Tall Pine polka
Queen, Carol. Exhibitionsim for the shy
Burke, Jan. Bones
Hornby, Nick. High fidelity
Hyde, Cynthia Ryan. Pay it forward
Holt, Kimberly Willis. When Zachary Beaver came to town
McCafferty, Jane. One heart
O'Dell, Tawni. Back roads
Parker, Robert B. Family honor
Danvers, Dennis. The fourth world
Lanier, Virginia. Ten little bloodhounds
Rogers, Chris. Chill factor
Mirvis, Tova. Ladies auxiliary
Devoto, Pat Cunningham. My last days as Roy Rogers
Cain, Chelsea. Wild child: girlhoods in the counter culture
Rogers, Chris. Bitch factor
Daughtary, Janice. Earl in the yellow shirt
Danvers, Dennis. Time and time again
Perry, Thomas. The face changers
Lamott, Anne. Traveling mercies
Quinonez, Ernesto. Bodega dreams
Connoly, Michael. Void Moon
Westlake, Donald. The hook
Rogers, Chris. Rage factor
Pierce, Anne Whitney. Rain line
Landvik, Lorna. Your oasis on Flame Lake
Pickard, Nancy. The whole truth
Brunner, R. Scott. Due south: dispatches from down home
Prose, Francine. The blue angel
Moggach, Deborah. Tulip fever
Trocheck, Kathy Hogan. Irish eyes
Buchanan, Edna. Miami, it's murder
Toth, Emily. Ms. Mentor's impeccable advice for women in academia
Johnson, Spencer. Who moved my cheese?
Miller, Sue. While I was gone
La Plante, Lynda. Cold heart
Dubus, Andre. House of sand & fog
Barr, Nevada. Deep south
Mihesuah, Devon A. Natives & academics: Researching and writing about American Indians
Morris, Mary McGarry. Fiona Range
Clay, Catrine. Master race: the Lebensborn experiment in Nazi Germany
Lehrer, Jim. The special prisoner
Deaver, Jeff. The empty chair
Crusie, Jennifer. Welcome to tempation
Reese, Laura. Topping from below
Shreve, Anita. The weight of water
Cuthbertson, Ken. Nobody said not to go: the life, loves, and adventures of Emily Hahn
Graver, Elizabeth. The honey thief
Griffith, Nicola. The blue place
Diamond, Diana. The trophy wife
Andreae, Christine. The smoke eaters
Gilbert, Elizabeth. Stern men
Hall, Adrienne. A journey north: one woman's story of hiking the Appalachian Trail
Shaber, Sarah. R. Snipe hunt
Hirschfield, Corson. Aloha, Mr. Lucky!
Chianerini, Jennifer. Round robin
Coburn, Randy Sue. Remembering Jody
Willis, Connie. Bellwether
Harrison, Kathryn. The binding chair or, a visit from the foot emancipation society: a novel
Hiaasen, Carl. Lucky you
Hiaasen, Carl. Stormy weather
Rubin, Robert Alden. On the beaten path: an appalachian pilgrimage
Hiaasen, Carl. Naked came the manatee
Bell, Art. The coming global superstorm
Louie, David Wong. The barbarians are coming
Pearson, Ridley. Middle of nowhere
Liss, Davis. A conspiracy of paper
Berg, Elizabeth. Open house
Willis, Connie. To say nothing of the dog
Burke, James Lee. Purple cane road
Bergstrom, Elaine. The door through Washington Square
Coontz, Stephanie. The way we never were: american families and the nostalgia trap
Slonczewski, Joan. A door into the ocean
Ray, Jeanne. Julie & Romeo
Hoffman, Alice. River king
Bohjalian, Chris. Trans-sister radio
Perdue, Lewis. Daughter of God
Kafka, Kimberly. True north
Margolin, Philip. Wild justice
Blanchard, Alice. Darkness peering
Danvers, Dennis. Circuit of heaven
Perry, Thomas. Vanishing act
Perry, Thomas. Shadow woman
Ehrenreich, Barbara. Fear of falling: the inner life of the middle class
McCrumb, Sharyn. PMS outlaws
Min, Anchee. Becoming Madame Mao
Roberts, Dorothy. Killing the black body: race, repoduction, and the meaning of liberty
Olsen, Shanon. Welcome to my planet
LeGuin, Ursula K. The telling
Austin, Linda. What's holding you back? 8 critical choices for women's success
Baumgardner, Jennifer & Amy Richards. ManifestA: young women, feminism, and the future
McGhee, Alison. Shadow baby
Hamilton, Jane. Disobediance
Kingsolver, Barbara. Prodigal summer
Dickerson, Debra. An American story
Nagel, Jill. Whores and other feminists
Fergus, Jim. One thousand white women: the journals of May Dodd
Wolf, Naomi. Promiscuities: the secret struggle for womanhood
Scharwz, Christina. Drowning Ruth
Queen, Carol. Real live nude girl: chronicles of sex-positive culture
Boyd, Blanche McCrary. Terminal velocity
Shields, Joy. The fig eater