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about this list or, why?

The only real criteria I use in selecting sites to list on my page are: (1)that the site be of interest to a large audience (so I'm not going to include anybody's list of readings on the civil war or programming unless it's particularly compelling), (2) that the site is updated regularly, and (3)that the site includes commentary/annotation on books read, although a few straightforward lists of books (which is generally rather boring & of little use) may have slipped in here unnoticed or may warrant consideration regardless. You may send your suggestions for logs/lists that I've failed to include here and I'll be sure to review them. An addendum/number four: I stay away from commercial sites, so there won't be any listed here and I figure that if you want to buy professionally printed reading logs, you won't have to search far and wide to find those sites and (5) the site must have some aesthetic value; nobody should have to blight their eyes with visually abrasive graphics and choices of colors.

On a related note, I found an LIS syllabus at Clarion University that requires students to keep a reading log. You could go there and read about it, but the instructor says that the log serves three purposes: (1) To serve as a vehicle of communication between student and instructor, (2) To offer you a laboratory experience in abstracting (summarizing) and reflecting critically on the literature of your chosen profession, and (3) To acquaint you with the core professional/scholarly journals of reference librarianship. Additionally, Celeste DiCarlo Nalwasky, Ph.D. gives guidelines for preparing such an instrument. Use Turabian, include a one paragraph summary of each entry, and 1-2 critical/reaction paragraphs.

Did you know that student reading logs are "huge motivators for students" because they can "see a daily record of achievement"? Here's another approach to reading logs. Aka Independent reading logs and Self-Selected Reading. More general instructions about reading logs. Still more on the process of reading: book logs. Printable reading logs for students are all the rage. Get yours here: www.countryclipart.com/ReadingLogs/readinglogs.htm Other things I found today: Tips for keeping a critical non-fiction reading log, a Canadian schools site featuring best student reading logs, standards for reading logs at the undergrad level,

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