This is a list of book lists/logs or reading lists/logs, however you care to define it, that I have found on the Web. I kept a book log in sixth grade as part of our school librarian's agenda to monitor our reading, or pehaps just to encourage it. But there was a prize at stake, too. The person who read the most books within a certain period won some simple prize, like a funky pencil with a big eraser or something, but really it was the recognition that I was after, though I truly enjoyed reading. Of course, I won. But there was some problem with my list because I included books that I had read from the public library, and our school librarian had not specified which books we were to read, but apparently it was supposed to only include books in our small, pathetic elementary school library collection. I'm sure that first book log was lost or possibly thrown out, who knows. It would be interesting to see what I was reading then.

I started keeping a record of the books I read in 1996. I'm not sure what exactly compelled me to do so. Perhaps to determine how many books I read each year. Part of it as well is that I read so many books, that sometimes I forget what I've read. Having the titles handy makes it easier for me to go about my business. So, this is just something that I'm doing, compiling a list of reading lists/logs. I started the project several months ago last year, but when my pc died, I lost all that great information. I'm sure it can be reconstructed. Actually, now that I'm looking for all of them, they're in hiding. But, one of the great things is that most reading lists or reading blogs refer one to others, so that's the way I'm going about it.

Most of the links you'll find listed here also go into detail about reading habits, childhood love of reading, philosophies of reading, rules for reading, etc. It's all really fascinating to read and actually at times it's just like reading about yourself, so I suppose this is a narcissistic endeavor as well. Arent you curious about how/why people become readers, and why it's still meaningful to them as adults?

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