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Books i read in 2004

Chevalier, Tracy. The virgin blue
Kimmell, Haven. Something rising (light and swift)
Vapnyar, Laura. There are Jews in my house
Niffenegger, Audrey. The time traveler's wife
Seligman, Martin E.P. Authentic happiness: Using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment
DeLillo, Don. Pafko at the wall
Slavin, Julia. The woman who cut off her leg at the
Maidstone Club and other stories
Oates, Joyce Carol. I lock my door upon myself
Tyler, Anne. The amateur marriage
Guterson, David. Our lady of the forest
Choi, Susan. American woman
Gralla, Cynthia. Floating world
Hustvedt, Siri. What I loved
Turnbull, Sarah. Almost French: Love and a new life in
Breslin, Susannah. You're a bad man, aren't you?
Moriarty, Laura. The center of everything
Curtiss, Huston. Sins of the seventh sister: A novel based on a true story of the gothic
, Anna. I wish someone were waiting for me somewhere
Bass, Bill & Jon Jefferson. Death's
Acre: Inside the legendary forensic lab the Body Farm where the dead do tell tales
Stafford, Kim. Muses among us: Eloquent listening and other pleasures of the writer's craft
Carr, Josephine. The Dewey Decimal System of love
Jones, Tayari. Leaving
Kingsbury, Suzanne. The gospel according to Gracey
Griffin, Karol. Skin deep: Of tattoos, the disappearing West, very bad men, adn my love for them all
Wolff, Tobias. Old school
Cash, Jean W. Flannery O'Connor: A Life
Kingsbury, Suzanne. The summer Fletcher Greel loved me
Choquette, Sonia. Diary of a psychic: Shattering the myths
Baggott, Julianna. Girl talk
Hegi, Ursula. Sacred time: A novel
Pancake, Breece D'J. The complete stories of Breece D'J Pancake
Practical writer: From inspiration to publication.
Edited by Therese Eiben and Mary Gannon
Julavits, Heidi. Mineral palace
Ursu, Anne. The disapparation of James
Simon, Kate.
Bronx primitive: Portraits in a childhood
Grossman, Lev. Codex
Wilcox, James. Heavenly days: A novel
Eberstadt, Fernanda. Furies: A novel
Land, Brad. Goat: A memoir
Robinson, Elisabeth. True and outstanding adventures of the Hunt sisters
Chevalier, Tracy. The lady and the unicorn
Crusie, Jennifer. Bet me
Singleton, George. Half-mammals of
Anderson, Alison. Darwin's wink
Blume, Mary. A French affair: The Paris beat, 1965-1998
Schwartz, Barry. Paradox of choice: Why more is less
Kuffel, Frances. Passing for thin: losing half my weight and finding myself
Gibbons, Kaye. Divining women
Berg, Elizabeth. Art of mending
Auster, Paul. The city of glass
Fox, Laurie. Lost girls
Boylan, Jennifer Finney. She's not there: A life in two genders
Quindlen, Anna. Loud and clear
Wharton, Edith. French ways and their meaning
Ollivier, Debra. Entre nous: A woman's guide to finding her inner French girl
Krause, Erika. Come up and see me sometime
Anderson, Alison. Hidden latitudes
Almond, Steve. Candyfreak: A journey through the chocolate underbelly of
Winston, Lolly. Good grief
Weinstein, Debra. Apprentice to the Flower Poet Z.
Siler, Jenny. Flashback
Dee. Mary Heaton Vorse: An American Insurgent
Russo, Richard. Empire Falls
Leavitt, Caroline. Girls in Trouble
Benitez, Sandra. Night of the radishes
Reid, Nicole Louise. In the breeze of passing things
Erian, Alicia. Brutal language of love
Christensen, Kate. In the drink
Baggott, Julianna. Madame: A novel
Fowler, Karen Joy. Jane Austen book club
Knode, Helen. Ticket out
Bacon, Charlotte. There is room for you
Ali, Samina.
Madras on rainy days
MacDonald, Sarah. Holy cow : an Indian adventure
Leo, Jennifer. Sand in my bra & other misadventures
Troost, J. Maarten. Sex lives of cannibals: Adrift in the equatorial Pacific
Riccardi, Victoria Abbott. Untangling my chopsticks: A culinary sojourn in Kyoto
Gilman, Mildred Evans. Fig leaves
Griest, Stephanie Elizondo. Around the bloc: My life in
Moscow, Beijing, and Havana
Goldfield, David. Still fighting the Civil War
Sedaris, Dave. Dress your family in corduroy and denim
Ayers, Edward L. Promise of the New South
Morris, Mary McGarry. A hole in the universe
Opincar, Abe. Fried butter: A food memoir
Haigh, Jennifer. Mrs. Kimble
Alice. Blackbird House
Cotten, Jerry W. Light and Air: The Photography of Bayar Wootten
Daum, Meghan. My misspent youth
Dowd, Jacquelyn Dowd. Like a family: Making of a southern cotton mill world
Egerton, John. Speak now against the day: The Generation Before the Civil Rights Movement in the South
Representing Lives: Women and auto/biography
Alpern, Sara, ed. Challenge of feminist biography: Writing the lives of American women
Iles, Teresa, ed. All sides of the subject: Women and biography
Whouley, Kate. Cottage for sale, must be moved: A woman moves a house to make a home
Packer, Ann. Mendocino: Stories
Colapinto, John. As nature made him: The boy who was raised as a girl
Skyler, Heather. Perfect age: A novel
Sheraton, Mimi. Easting my words: An appetite for life
Women who eat: A new generation on the glory of food
Bourdain, Anthony. Kitchen confidential: Adventures in the culinary underbelly
Day, Cathy. Circus in winter
Halliday, Ayun. No touch monkey: And other travel lessons learned too late
Women's lives into print: the theory, practice, and writing of feminist auto/biography
Babcock, Linda and Sara Laschever. Women don't ask: Negotiation and the gender divide
Didion, Joan. Fixed Ideas:
America since 9.11
Smith, Alison. Name all the animals: A memoir
Grealy, Lucy. Autobiography of a face
Loomis, Susan Hermann. On Rue Tatin: Living and Cooking in a
Small French Town
Greenlaw, Linda. All fishermen are liars: True tales from the Dry Dock Bar
West, Michael Lee. Consuming passions: A food-obsessed life
Gregory, Julie. Sickened: The memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy childhood
Cusk, Rachel. The lucky ones: A novel
Alice. Educating Alice: Adventures of a curious woman
Shapiro, Laura. Something from the oven: Reinventing dinner in 1950s America
Allison, Dorothy. Two or three things I know for sure
Heilbrun, Carolyn. Writing a woman's life
Hiaasen, Carl. Skinny Dip
Cline, Rachel. What to keep
Hawes, Annie. Extra virgin: A young woman discovers the Italian
Riviera, where every month is enchanted (120)