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Books I read in 2006

James, Henry. Daisy Miller (1880)
Atkinson, Kate. Case histories (2005)
Wharton, Edith. The Buccaneers (1938)
Li, Yiyun. A thousand years of good prayers: stories (2005)
Black, Cheryl. Women of
Provincetown: 1915-1922 (2002)
McCarthy, Cormac. No country for old men (2005)
Ehrenreich, Barbara. Switch and bait: The (futile) pursuit of the American Dream (2005)
Henderson, Danielle. Tales from fish camp: A city girl’s experience working in an Alaskan fishing village (2004)
Morgan, Kenneth, O. Twentieth-century Britain: A very short introduction (2000)
Moehringer, J.R. The tender bar: A memoir (2005)
Oddy, Derek J. . From plain fare to fusion food: British diet from the 1890s to the 1990s (2003)
Mendelson, Cheryl. Love, work, children (2005)
Prouolx, Annie. Brokeback mountain (2005)
Steinke, Rene. Holy skirts (2005)
Yolen, Jane. Take joy: The writers guide to loving the craft (2005)
Spragg, Mark. Unfinished life (2004)
Gaitskill, Mary. Veronica (2005)
George, Elizabeth. Write away: One novelist's approach to fiction and the writing life (2005)
Reisman, Nancy. First desire (2004)
Thomas, Scarlett. Popco (2005) 20
Scheeres, Julia. Jesus Land: A memoir (2005)
Meade, Marion. Bobbed hair and bathtub gin: writers running wild in the twenties (2005)
Milford, Nancy. Zelda: A biography (1970)
Best of the South: From the second decade of New Stories from the South edited by Shannon Ravenel (2005)
Atkinson, Kate. Behind the scenes at the museum (1995)
Adams, Sheila Kay. My old true love (2004)
Highsmith, Patricia. The talented Mr. Ripley (1955)
Wilson, Andrew. Beautiful shadow: A life of Patricia Highsmith (2004)
Ozick, Cynthia. Heir to the glimmering world (2004)
Scully, Julia. Outside passage: A memoir of an Alaskan childhood (1998)
Rich, Kim. Johnny's girl: A daughter's memoir of growing up in Alaska's underworld (1993)
Jans, Nick. A place beyond: Finding home in Arctic Alaska (1996)
Apple, Sam. Schlepping through the
Alps: My search for Austria's Jewish past with its last wandering shepherd (2005)
Shange, Ntozake. For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf (1975)
Ciment, Jill. Tattoo artist (2005)
Edwards, Kim. Memory keeper's daughter (2005)
Buss, David. Murderer next door: Why the mind is designed to kill (2005)
Wilson, Diane. Unreasonable woman: A true story of shrimpers, politicos, polluters, and the fight for Seadrift, Texas (2005) Wood, Monica. Any bitter thing (2005)
Doonan, Simon. Nasty: My family and other glamorous varmits (2005) 40
Goldberg, Myla. Wickett's Remedy (2005)
Soloway, Jill. Tiny ladies in shiny pants: Based on a true story (2005)
McCourt, Frank. Teacher man (2005)
Ferrell, Nancy Warren. Barrett Willoughby: Alaska's forgotten lady (1994)
Boyle, T.C. Tortilla curtain (1995)
Niederhoffer, Galt. Taxonomy of barnacles (2006)
Geddes, Bruce. Lonely Planet World Food Mexico (2000)
Kershaw, Alex. Jack London: A life (1998)
Dyson, Cindy. And she was (2006)
Mann, Charles. 1491: New revelations of the Americas before Columbus (2005)
Denton, Sally. Faith and betrayal: A pioneer woman's passage in the West (2005)
Gilbert, Elizabeth. Eat, pray, love: One woman's search for everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia (2006)
Wade, Barbara Ann. Frances Newman: Southern satirist and literary rebel (1998)
Desowitz, Robert. Who gave pinta to the santa maria?: Torrid diseases in a temperate world (1997)
Durban, Pam. All set about with fever trees and other stories (1985)
Thomas, Scarlett. Going out (2004)
Horn, Dara. World to come (2006)
Sandler, Martin. Against the odds: Women pioneers in the first hundred years of photography (2002)
Thomas, Scarlett.
Dead clever (2003)
Thomas, Scarlett.
In your face (2004)
Thomas, Scarlett. Seaside: A Lily Pascale mystery (2005)
Eugenides, Jeffery. Virgin suicides (1993)
Stasz, Clarice. American Dreamers: Charmian and Jack London (1988)
Green, John. Looking for Alaska (2005)
Landis, Catherine. Harvest (2004)
Rash, Ron. One foot in Eden (2002)
Rash, Ron. Saints at the river (2004)
Stories from the blue Moon Cafe II: The American South in stories, essays, and poetry (2003)
Eugenides, Jeffrey. Middlesex(2002)
Klass, Perri. Mystery of breathing (2004)
Notaro, Laurie. I Love Everybody (and Other Atrocious Lies) : True Tales of a Loudmouth Girl (2004)
Gibbons, Kaye. The life all around me by Ellen Foster (2006)
Crowther, Hal. Gather at the river: Notes from the post-millennial South (2005)
Godwin, Gail. Queen of the underworld (2006)
Kooser, Ted. The poetry home repair manual: practical advice for beginning poets (2005)
Nunez, Sigrid. Last of her kind (2006)
Hyland, MJ. Carry me down (2006)
Reynolds, Sheri. Firefly cloak (2006)
Straight, Susan. A Million Nightingales (2006) 79





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