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Spring 2021


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Past ARCH Lab Graduates

BranumChild BranumAdult

 Cheyenne Branum, Graduated Spring 2018, Currently attending ETSU pursuing a Master's in Counseling.


ChambersChild ChambersCurrent

 Jessica Chambers, Graduated Spring 2018. After leaving ETSU, Jessica obtained a Master's degree in Psychology from Appalachian State University and is currently employed at ETSU. 


harveychild harveycurrent

Tatum Harvey, Graduated Spring 2020, Will attend the Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Auburn University starting Fall 2020.


alisonbaby alisoncurrent

 Alison Ickes, Graduated Spring 2020, Will attend the Masters in Counseling Program at Carson Newman University starting fall 2020


joneschild jonescurrent

Victoria Jones, Graduated Spring 2020, Will attend the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Washington State University starting Fall 2020


NewportChild NewportCurrent

 Zeke Newport, Graduated Winter 2017, Currently attending Regent University pursuing a PsyD in Clinical Psychology


chloe child chloe poole current

Chloe Poole, graduated Fall 2021, currently pursuing a master's in social work program in hope of obtaining clinical licensure.


Radford Baby radford adult

Anna Radford, graduated Spring 2022, currently attending University of Tennessee Knoxville pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology.


 Ashley baby Ashley current
Ashley Sexton, graduated Spring 2021, currently attending American University pursuing a master's in psychology.
tayla baby tayla current
Tayla Sluss, Graduated Spring 2019, Currently attending ETSU pursuing a Masters in Speech and Language Pathology
SoperChild SoperAdult

 Courtney Soper, Graduated Winter 2017, Currently a part of the Mom Power Staff and doing Community-based work


Zara Fall 2020

 Zara Taylor, graduated in Fall 2020, currently attending ETSU and pursuing a master's of counseling.