The new abrasive water jet is up and running. Bill Hemphill has been toiling along with various technicians and contractors to get our newest toy hooked up and calibrated. He's made a few test pieces including a 1/8 scale silhouette of his upcoming sword guitar.

    Of course there had to be a Bucky, too.

    The Industrial Automation and Robotics class is working on integrating the ASRS with the DENSO robots and Siemens PLCs. This is the first time the class has been taught since the curriculum was approved and added to the catalog.

    DENSO is coming to meet with classes and clubs on October 10th. Recruiters will be looking for people interested in joining the team at the Maryville plant.


Jobs Jobs Jobs
Brian Crawford, a recruiter for DENSO Manufacturing, will be coming to visit classes and clubs on October 10th. Melinda Laprade has more information.

SME 2013
ETSU's student chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers is meeting every Thursday at 3pm in Wilson-Wallis 111C. Join the fun!

The Department of Engineering Technology, Surveying & Mapping, & Digital Media (not to mention Interior Design) has two very hard working advisors. They are here to help you with their knowledge of the programs, classes, and faculty. You can follow Rachel Dinsmore and Deborah Stephens around on the twitters. Their handles are @ENTCandSUVM and @etsudigmintdadv respectively.