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ENTC 2170—Assignment 1.1:
Lines & Scales

  1. Open and print the Assignment 1.1 PDF worksheet. (PDF files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

  2. If the PDF drawing needs to be rotated, click here for instructions.
Hotlink to Assignment 1.1 PDF file
  1. An excellent PDF-formatted primer titled Using Engineer and Architect Scales is available from the U.S. Fire Administration.
  2. For practice and to ensure that you understand how both the Architect's & Engineer's Scales work, you should print off (at 100% scale) and complete the following worksheets:
    Worksheet #1: Architect's Scale
    Worksheet #2: Engineer's Scale
  3. Your instructor will provide you with the hardcopy of Assignment 1.1. If unavailable, you may print the assignment sheet out yourself at 100% scale; click here for instructions and settings for printing PDF files without your printer conspiring to rescale the document for you.

  4. Make sure that your name is lettered in the appropriate area before you turn in the completed worksheet.
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