Numerical Control Programming
Chapter 3
Programming: Making N/C Do What You Want

The information a programmer feeds to an N/C controller determines the results that will be achieved. The kinds of information an N/C controller requires can be grouped into the following categories:

  1. Preparatory commands to establish the desired operating conditions.
  2. Axis commands to move the cutter a certain distance in a certain direction.
  3. Feedrate commands to control cutter linear velocity.
  4. Spindle speed commands to control cutter rotational velocity.
  5. Miscellaneous commands to take care of the odds and ends, such as stop, turn off the coolant, change cutting tools, and rewind the memory.
  6. Identification commands, such as assigning a number to each block so the N/C operator can tell which command in a program is being executed, and assigning tool identification numbers so the controller knows which cutting tool to use.
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