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East Tennessee State University, Johnson City

Vehicular Network Laboratory


Current Projects:

Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA):
Sponsor: Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT)
Past Projects:

1. Driver advisory using Signal Phase and Timing (SPAT) information
Sponsor: NSF
Related Publications:
  • Md Salman Ahmed, Mohammad A Hoque, Asad Khattak, “Intersection Approach Advisory Through V2X Technology Using Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) Information at Fixed-Time Signalized Intersection”, Annual Meeting of the TransportationResearch Board, January 2018. 

2. Freeway Merging Assistance using DSRC/Connected Vehicles
Sponsor: NSF and RDC


Related Publications:

  • Md Salman Ahmed, Mohammad A Hoque, Jackeline Rios-Torres, Asad Khattak, “A Cooperative Freeway Merge Assistance System using Connected Vehicles”, Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, January 2018.
  • Md Salman Ahmed, Mohammad A Hoque, Jackeline Rios-Torres, Asad Khattak. “Demo: Freeway Merge Assistance System using DSRC,” ACM CarSys 2017, held in conjunction with ACM MobiCom 2017.

3. Intelligent Taxi Hailing System using DSRC
Related publications:
  • Mohammad A Hoque, Phil Pfeiffer, Md Salman Ahmed, Ayo Fabunmi, Sanford Gabrielle, Edward Hall, Jason Jones, Nicholas Kyte, Chris Maness, Nicolas McMahon, Matt Moore, Elizabeth Turbyfill. “Intelligent Taxi Hailing System for Smart Cities with Connected Vehicles,” ITS World Congress 2017.

4. Design and development of parallel CV simulator
Collaborated with the University of Alabama and Virginia Tech
Related Publications: