Advanced Composition, Spring 2011

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Final Exam: Best Work from This Semester!
last update: May 2, 2011


I.  Final Exam Instructions (Final exam period: Monday, May 2, 3:50-5:50pm)

  1. Before the final exam period, choose three of your classmates' essays that are posted here, and write a response to each of those three.
  2. Bring two copies of each of those three responses--one copy for the author, and one copy for me--to the final exam period.  Please label each copy, by hand-writing, at the top, either "copy 1: for the author," or "copy 2: for the instructor." 


For each response, consider these guidelines:
  1. Write at least 300 words.
  2. Address the author of the essay directly, using the second-person, personal pronoun. Do not evaluate the essay. Instead, write about your own experience as a reader. Why did you choose to respond to that particular essay?  What did the essay make you think and feel?

  3. Include your ETSU email address on your response. 


During the final exam period you will also write a short, in-class essay about your own writing skills, and about what you learned this semester in class. 


II.  Best Student Writing from This Semester

1 - 10 Things Everyone Should Do On Mackinac Island, by Hannah Ruff

2 - Bacterial Meningitis: The Swift, Silent Killer, by Marie Hill

3 - BAM! It hits you:  A Twenty Year Old College Student Reflects on a Cancer Diagnosis, by Dana Glenn

4 - Dead Woman Walking: Megan Jean and the KFB and How They Saved the Coffeehouse, by Travis Lakin

5 - The Devil Came Down to Cumberland: The Ballad of John Wright, by Steve Robinson


6 - The Dungeons and Dragons Meeting: A Guide for Taming Your Players, by Isolo Aranel

7 - The Elegance of Transcendence: Reviewing Radiohead’s OK Computer, by Bradley Hartsell

8 - Finding the American Dream: Escape from Vietnam, by Natalia Nguyen

9 - Great Examples of a Few Contemporary Novels: Useful for Middle School Classrooms in East Tennessee, by Kelsey Bailey

10 - The Gustnado Strikes: Kicking off a Unique Summer, by Andrew Cox


11 - How Democracy Stole Christmas:  A revealing glance at the founding fathers’ religious influences and how they will eventually destroy Christianity, by Korey Look

12 - Internet Recipe Websites:  Eating In like you’re eating out, by Connie Messer

13 - Into The Woods: Deer Hunting with My 5-Year Old Son in Southwest Virginia, by Bryan Winegar

14 - James Blaine Greene: A brief history of the life of a luthier and legend of Northeast Tennessee, by Emily Willis

15 - Making the Most of the University of Tennessee Vols Football Experience, by Jordan Edens


16 - One Man’s Dream, a Community Effort: The establishment and continuation of Pond Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, by Jimmy Patrick

17 - Seven Summer Days in the Outer Banks, Corolla, North Carolina, by Bridgette Johnson

18 - Shod or Not Shod, That is the Question: Is Barefoot Running Really Better than Shoes? by Michael Deel

19 - A Slice of the Good Life: A Trip to The Orange Peel Social Aid and Pleasure Club in Asheville, by Raleigh Cody

20 - Surviving the Century:  The life and times of my great grandfather Hartsel “Doc” Findley, by Tommy Oakley