Laboratory of Resilience in Psychological and Physical Health

Jameson K. Hirsch, Ph.D.

The Laboratory of Resiliency in Psychological and Physical Health (LRPPH) is based in the Department of Psychology at East Tennessee State University, and is an interdisciplinary and collaborative group of researchers, clinicians and students investigating associations between mental and physical health.

Mind-Body Relationships - The Link between Mental and Physical Health:

The LRPPH investigates the bi-directional relationships between cognitive, emotional and personality characteristics and general health, chronic medical problems, and health behaviors and decision-making.

Positive Psychology and Mental and Physical Health:

The LRPPH conducts research to better understand the associations between positive psychological characteristics (e.g., positive emotions, future-orientation) and physical and mental health.

Suicide Research and Prevention:

A primary focus of the LRPPH is the investigation and prevention of suicide and other forms of psychopathology, including in vulnerable samples such as rural individuals, ethinc minorities, LGBT individuals, older adults, veterans and persons with chronic illness and impairment.

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